Saturday, August 27, 2011

Get thee to Lowes! Lanterns for under $2!!

Hey my friends! Run don't walk to Lowes right now. Last night Greg and I went to Lowes (woo-hoo for his parents being in town to watch the boys!) and we came home with two of these beautiful finds!

The small one (about 7-8") was $1.50 and the bigger one (about 10-12") was $1.83!! I would think it's not just a local sale, because it had actual Lowe's printed tags/signs... so it wasn't just a store thing I think. They were located in the aisle right in front when we walked in (in front of the tractors/grills at our store) on big pallets in the middle!

I don't normally just buy stuff without a good reason, plan or budget... but for that price can you pass it up??So many things you could do with them!! Don't be surprised if you see them popping up in up coming Fall/Halloween decor :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi T ~ If I wasn't at the stage of my life where I'm 'downsizing' I sure would have gone and bought some of these. Cute, and so they have so many possibilities! Thanks so much for sharing. Love, Aunt J