Thursday, August 25, 2011

I dare say, the foyer is finished!

So this foyer has taken awhile... but I do believe I'm done. Okay, I want more little thing... but I swear, I'm done.

It even looks a lot like my original sketch in my first foyer post, no?

We've slowly added to it, like the mirror, then the bench, rug, and lastly the sign & coat rack (click on each pic to link back to its post).

The sign was from the ole Hobster Lobster, it was $17.99 for 50% that day, snag it right up. But with our walls being beige (and no, we're not painting we could get transferred anytime and these are 2 story walls we're talking about) I wanted just a smidge more color to it. Project time!

I just used Robins Egg Blue acrylic paint & a cotton ball ( I know so technical & fancy... but a step up from when I used my finger to paint the cabbage!). Then randomly smeared it on, wiping off in some places, just leaving it in others.

So it helped add a little bit more color without covering up the phrases... wonderful phrases by the way.

Feeling very "family-y" after this summer and especially today. Today was Jake's Pre-K orientation... big man was so proud, happy and excited... and so were we! Greg & I are busting at the seams for him... he introduced himself to his teacher & assistant... found his bag, seat & cubby. I have butterflies for him... just wait until next Tuesday's post :)

Anyway... point of post...BEFORE:

And... AFTER:


Kate said...

Looks great!

Rhiannon said...

It looks awesome!!! :)

Ellie Davis said...

Great job!

Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful Tyson! Great job! I love, love, love that "Family Rules" sign. Wishing SO much I could find one here. It is just perfect!


Anonymous said...

T, Cute, cute, cute! Love how you used the blue paint to enhance the phrases. Ties it back nicely to the rug. Love, Aunt J

Denise said...

The foyer looks great. Like how you added a little color to the wall art. I would have never even thought of that

Megan @ Meanwhile... said...

That looks so welcoming. :) I love the family rules sign, I've been wanting one of my own for a while. Great job!

Jen Campbell said...

I love it! I am amazed at how patient you have been, I get an idea and get frustrated because I cant wait for it to be done, I usually shift to something else half way through because I am so impatient. It turned out really nice!