Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jake's First Day of PreK

Yesterday we dropped Jake off for his first day of preK. Greg took the morning off to go with us. I think it went well!

He started to get upset early in the morning, so he helped me pack his lunch & snack!

Then packed his bag up.

Around front for some pictures!

Time for drop off!

Hung up his bag!

Time to hit the ground running! We love you big boy!!

5 hours later... he crashed in the car... but then woke him up for his milkshake treat :)

As for Evan... well... he decided he's not going to wear diapers anymore... so he's potty training! It's been going good, no accidents! Luke is going through a grow spurt I think... waking up a lot at night. So we're a busy busy household at the moment... mama looks like she's been hit by a train!

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