Monday, August 15, 2011

Oh Summer! Ponderings & a Mantel

I can't believe it's mid-August... astounding.

Last I checked it was Memorial Weekend. Seriously.

After that holiday, we headed up north at a moments notice, the twins were born, adoption, then for 8 weeks Grant dealt with his health issues, various family relations strained & some strengthened, and then it all ended with us putting baby Grant to rest and then bringing baby Luke with his big brothers. Since being home we've been so blessed with wonderful support from our network of friends, and it leaves me humbled and so grateful. I have many talented and loving friends... one is a photographer and did a mini-fundraiser (amazing!), one put her phenomenal organization skills together and did a donation drive - my dining room table was full of diapers & formula (touching!), one is doing a Tastefully Simple party (so grateful! it's still going if anyone wants the link!), my online group of mamas got me a beautiful necklace (love), local mamas are bringing us yummy dinners, and not to mention the outpouring of thoughtful cards & messages (at a loss for words).  Talk about a rollercoaster ride of every emotion possible.

**sorry HAD to get all that out**

A friend posted on my facebook wall "you're home, now the healing can begin". How true. As much as we'd love to lay around on the couch and watch movies for months while battling our grief... we simply can't. We have three other boys that deserve their parents to be firing on all cylinders. So they've been our fast track to carving out a new normal for ourselves. I've always enjoyed blogging... so I'm going to slowly try it back on for size.I hope you're all still out there reading or at least will join me now. I'm not pretending the summer didn't happen... but I still want to grasp at what feels more "normal" to me. Being creative ALWAYS makes me feel better (well, besides love from my boys & spin class, lol!)

Funny thing, when we were home for good I looked at my mantel.. it was still decorated for Spring/Easter. I had removed the Easter type stuff but left the spring... I was just getting ready to redo it for summer.

So off to work I went... in August... on my summer mantel, cause dang it, we're going to have one before fall ;)

Greg picked a good spot on the couch to watch. He likes to watch me disassemble & come up with a new mantel design. He likes to watch the process.... is that odd? I find it kind of endearing ;) Because I'm sort of a nut, so whoever can watch my "process" (which is very haphazard and involves lots of talking to myself) and enjoy it... must really LOVE me!

As always... nothing purchased... just "shopped" the house...

Stole a starfish from our bathroom (that I always have to put up anyway due to little hands that like to play with it) and just gathered up "light & fresh" stuff. Used the vase already filled with sand & rocks from my Winter Mantle, just added shells. Even stuck in the "Art of Imperfection" book, very fitting I felt.

Didn't quite nail the look I wanted with the pitcher since I didn't have the right height candle in the exact color I wanted... but I still rather liked it. That jute sack is actually from IKEA, twine balls came in it, I added some shells to it.

Jake starts preschool on the 30th and I see fall EVERYWHERE in the stores. Even the blogosphere is preparing. For me, I'm not ready yet... I still need some summertime...

There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart.  ~Celia Thaxter


Megan @ Meanwhile... said...

Words cannot express my sorrow for your loss. You are a wonderful mama, and have made me a better one as well.
I love the mantel, so summery. I'm in that torn spot where I'm not ready to give up summer, but I'm itching for mums and scarecrows. And football!
I love that Greg watches you. You are so talented! I wish you were here to help me with all the design decisions I'm making these days.
Take care! Megan

Anonymous said...

Hey T ~ enjoyed your post! Love, Aunt J

Belinda said...

Hey there! You are so talented Tyson. I just loked back at your link for the winter mantel and love all the things you have done. Where do you get the ideas for these? They are wonderful! I do have to ask though now that I have looked back at all of these pics. How do you have a window above your fireplace?? It looks so very very good...but I have never seen that before. Happy return to blogging.....!

Liz said...

I always love that mantel! So glad to see you back in the blogging world!! ;-)

Amanda said...

I was just telling hubby about what an amazing mother I think you are. I think its great your having a summer, its still August after all, lots of fun still to be had for the little.

Its lovely to hear about all the support you have been receiving, hope your all well.