Monday, September 19, 2011

Jump Rope Kid's Art Display

With Jake in school now, he brings home ton of cool things each Thursday. Time to display them! There are a couple things on my fridge (and IF you really know me, you'll know that having ANYTHING on my fridge is really hard for me... even if it's my kids stuff!) and I'd like to have another place to display stuff.

So I scoured Pinterest for lots of ideas...

art display  Art Display for the Hallway

art display to display art

My friend Ellie just did this in her playroom (click on picture to view her post).

I finally found one that used jump ropes! Sidenote: Oh how I wish we had this board & batten wall... swoon!

How fun! I liked it! Finding jump ropes was a thorn in my side... you'd think it'd be super easy. Nope, not at all, I couldn't believe it. Finally found some at the dollar store! I would really of loved some good ole vintage-y wooden handled white roped ones... but I made due with these...

The handles are rather distracting and they're very colorful. But hey, it's a playroom and the boys favorite colors (Jake's is green and Evan's is yellow)!

I took down the posters that used to be up in this area.

Then put the jump ropes up securing ends by knotting around thumbtacks. We may need to swap out for nails, but for now with just light paper it's okay.

Not exactly how it looked in my mind, but most my projects never do! I just need to paint the clothespins blue and I think I'll really like it. Truth be told we probably just need a different wall paint color... but it stays as is for now. Maybe I just need both to be green jump ropes, but pretty sure Evan would be sad that his favorite color wasn't being represented! ;)

After taking these pics I realized how cluttered the top of the storage system was (oops! But hey, it's been a long summer!). I tried to spruce up a bit, but the whole room needs a major stay tuned for that! ;)

In other news... I'm going to have to start doing more stuff with Evan during the day... because he totally noticed he only had his "Rr" worksheet clipped up there from when he was doing school work like big brother! Oh and it was asked how he's doing with potty training... well, he's doing totally awesome!! Go Ev!


Denise said...

Very cute!! And the kids are always so proud/happy to display their stuff

the cape on the corner said...

what a great way to bring in the kids artwork or accomplishments! and for a real thrifty price, holla!