Saturday, September 17, 2011

National Play-Doh Day!

National Play-Doh Day was yesterday! I had no clue... thank goodness I'm "friends" with "Real Simple" magazine on facebook. When they posted that, I knew exactly what we would be doing after naptime.

I have a confession. I fondly remember how much fun play-doh was as a kid... but I really didn't like MY kids playing with it. It's SUCH a mess. ALWAYS gets ground into the carpet, and you're finding pieces of dried play-doh for-evvvvvvvver ;) Yes, yes, I KNOW... it should be about THEM not ME.

I decided to have them stand on their stools at the kitchen cabinet. I'm pleased to say it worked out nicely. Granite is a great surface for play-doh. When it fell on the tile floor, I just waited until it was dried and swept it up... much easier. The boys had a FAB time... especially Evan. Poor guy I think I've only had it out ONE other time for him. He loved it. He was playing with it long after big brother Jake abandoned it.

I even let him mix the colors (that was hard to smile through, but I did!). Talk about throwing caution to the wind and really living life! ;)

I WILL be much better and make sure it comes out much more often!

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Anonymous said...

Hi T ~ Thanks for sharing pictures of the two older boys having FUN! BTW, how is E doing with the potty training? Love, Aunt J