Friday, October 28, 2011


No, not the movie 300 (which my nonchickflick-self think is a pretty cool movie!)... but it's my 300th post here at H Family Happenings! Warning this will be link, picture, AND blah-blah-blah heavy ;) Still with me? Awesome.

Funny thing is that my blog turned three sometime this month and I didn't even know! Oops! It's been a crazy three years so the blog is proof of that. I started it after Jake's 2nd birthday while we were waiting on Evan's arrival, mostly to keep in touch with family (this is all pre-Facebook).

Take a gander at this three year old pic from my very first maiden blog post on Oct 16, 2008! Crazy!

Then most of my "news-announcing" and picture sharing went to Facebook and my blog became more of a journal. Like our move cross country (eep!), adjusting to our new life, and somewhere along the way figuring out to use this blog to unleash my creative side that had been trapped in for a few years!

I started joining some linky parties, was doing lots of fun things, then through the miracle of adoption we enlarged our family with twins! So blessed! I think 3 months went by this summer with no posts. Then we lost Grant, one of the twins. Such heartache and I really can't say more than that right now. Believe it or not this blog has helped be an anchor. Sometimes I feel like my emotions are in a jar and someone keeps shaking it up once it settles. Being creative (even a teeny tiny bit) always makes me feel better. If I can feel a little bit better, then I can be a better person and mother. I'm glad for that. So it might just be a blog (and a small one at that), but it's my blog.

Lets see some stats, shall we...

Top Three Most Viewed Posts:

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Runner up by only being a few clicks behind: Our Hallway Gallery Wall (April 2011)

Majority of visitors from the USA of course, our neighbors to the north and across the pond... but also surprising me was... China, South Korea (Hi Leslie!), Australia, Netherlands, Russia, Germany, and United Arab Emirates! Cool!

Most of my traffic sources are from the BIG bloggers linky parties that I've linked up with! Top Three being: Between Naps on the Porch, The Lettered Cottage, and Thrifty Decor Chick! But then behind that is my very own IRL (in real life) friend Ellie is a big traffic source too... very cool! Thanks!

My Top Three most commented on posts so far have been:

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For my 200th post I asked everyone that read it, to please say hi (still didn't get my dad to do it)... so lets try again this time for my 300th post... please say hi if you're reading this :) If you don't know how just click on anonymous and sign your name so I know you stopped by!

So... big number (to me! some bloggers do 1000 posts in just one year!)... big idea! I'm not going to have a technical linky party. But I'm asking my friends (IRL & some invisi-friends that have been near & dear to me since Jake was born and I stumbled onto a Moms at Home forum!) to join with me to clean out, organize and maybe even beautify our pantries. Pantry Party!!  If you're interested please let me know! If you don't have a blog but want to do it too... let me know... you can send me the pics and I'll post them in my post too! There will be a future post listing my friends joining me to unveil their work on Monday, November 7th. Promise then to include some pantry eye candy for some inspiration as well!!

In the meantime, in honor of all the upcoming sweets this weekend I leave you with this no-calorie sweet treat... a pic from our family photo session... total love...


Anonymous said...

Hi Tyson! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Mama, EW sayin' hi from chilly ATX! Love ya <3

Stephanie M said...

Hi Tys!!

shelley c. said...

Congrats on 300!!
<3 Shell

Anonymous said...

Hi Tyson, Amy (from mahoo)

Anonymous said...

Hello! Love your blog! ~Nichole

Anonymous said...

Hi T! Happy 300!!!!! Love, Aunt J

Bethany said...

Hi Tyson! I love reading your blog! Keep up the good work!

the cape on the corner said...

woot! happy 300! love those recaps.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tyson, I love your blog. Brian Clean and organize the pantry? My tools and VHS tapes are just fine in there.