Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Been a busy bee!

This week Greg had to go up North for work. He's recruiting at his Alma Mater, which is in my hometown. So I sent Evan with him, to visit with my family while he's working. I'm missing my cuddle bug horrendously and he sounds so sad when I talk to him on the phone. But today is Greg's last day of work then he's taking Evan with him to head to Chicago to see his family.

However, it's lead to being very productive around here. Now the boys can't fight with each other... I haven't heard screaming, yelling or whining in 4 days. If I didn't miss him so much it'd be amazing. He can't help it... he's two and he's a middle child that's very passionate and doesn't accept no for an answer. It's just been Jake and baby Luke!

I have quite a list of projects. I'm sure I won't get them all done. But I have swapped rooms/furniture/clothes around for all the boys. The big boys will now share a room and Evan's old room became the nursery for Luke. Originally we were going to just convert the guest room into the nursery. But we'd have to buy more stuff to be able to do that. So I manhandled the dressers (one over 6 ft long that I had to stand up on end to get around certain corners/angles) and started making the switch. Now the moving/sorting of clothes is taking me FOREVER.

In the meantime Luke is now 4 months old and has his own Jr. Gym Membership ;) Took him to the infant care on Sunday while I went to spin class it worked out great. I was so pleased! Glad that getting back to the gym during the day is now more of an option. Probably after this week... seriously, I'm not joking that I have a ton I want to get done. It'll feel good to be productive for once.

Jake and I have been able to really enjoy each other. He hasn't been in timeout once, heck I think I've only raised my voice at him ONCE. Usually he's in timeout at least 4 times a day and I'm raising my voice all day long. I know it's just close-in-age brothers being close-in-age brothers... but I do feel a little guilty of how peaceful it is right now.

Well, except for Luke, he's picking up the "slack". He's decided that after sleeping through the night for 3 weeks... it's totally not cool to do anymore... naps aren't cool either. So he's not in a very good mood and I'm tired!

So I'll probably not be around a lot this week... trying to get as much done as I can! So see ya soon!


Anonymous said...

Hi T ~ Thanks so much for the newsy update on life with your family! Love, Aunt J

Liz said...

Glad you are getting some things done in peace. I know you will be so happy when Evan gets back though. Hope Luke starts sleeping soon!