Friday, October 14, 2011

The Birthday Boy!

Had a big milestone this week... Jake turned FIVE! WOW! I simply can't believe it! FIVE! He's a kid now... no more baby, no more today... he's a KID! But wait, I don't know anything about kids!? ;)

Here's the birthday boy (got his school pics back on his birthday)... love this dude so much!

So he picked out Marshmallows on a Stick for his birthday treat to take in to share with his friends at school!

Here's what I made! I felt so special... he was so proud of me... everyone we passed on the way into school he'd say "Look what my Mama made!!!"

This are so easy to make! I could do a tutorial on what I did if anyone is interested.

We started out the day at 6:30am... opened presents then so Greg could be there. We had a busy day in store.

Then took him to school (I was proud of myself to think to glue the floral foam that the sticks were in to the paper plate - no other way would Iof been able to carry in the baby AND the treat too!). We came home and tried to get him to rest for a bit... can you say wound up? Then Greg got home and we went to eat at our favorite restaurant, Sharky's! Here he is at dinner...

Then we gobbled up our food and then went to the Open House at his school! FUN!

We finally got home and let them have their treat from Sharky's... they call it a build-a-shark. It's a rice krispy shark that they send out with food coloring 'paints' and sprinkles. I think this would also be a great idea for a playdate or fun activity for school!

So against my usual rules... they stayed up late to decorate and eat (part of) their sharks! Whew... they still had the sillies at bedtime. I could hear them talking, but since they weren't yelling I let it be, finally they fell asleep at some ungodly hour... okay it was 9... but it felt like it was 1am! :) It was a busy, yet good day!


the cape on the corner said...

aww, that looks like a great birthday. how neat is that sharky rice krispy treast! and marshmellows on a stick, a super easy and fun way to involve his friends in celebrating. this would be a great thing to do for my office for halloween or xmas!

Anonymous said...

T~Oh my goodness! J is 5! Hard to believe! Both boys look like they have shot up since I saw them a couple of months ago...

I am also proud of you for thinking about the glue to hold the foam to the plate. GREAT idea!

Aunt J

Liz said...

Happy Birthday to Jake! I had no idea Sharky's had that crispy shark for the kids to decorate. Too cute!!

Charlene said...

That was one heck of a busy birthday!

And that shark krispie looks HUGE but fun...I kept thinking when I was reading it, I hope she didn't let them eat that whole thing before bedtime LOL!!

Happy belated Birthday to the birthday boy!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit late but Happy 5th Birthday to Jake! It looks like he had a fantastic birthday!! To me, 5 was also when Wyatt became a real kid. A big boy for sure.