Thursday, October 27, 2011

Door Ribbon Card Holder

What a simple, easy project that makes such a difference!

We've always needed a spot to keep our cards. There's just never been a good spot really. Keep them out on the counter awhile until we can't stand the clutter. In looking for ways to display our Christmas cards I saw an idea on, YES, pinterest ;) Take ribbon, wrap vertically around your kitchen cabinet door and clothespin on cards. Now for Christmas we get so many cards that can very well work. But we don't get that many for other random times or holidays.

So I got to thinking... what about my pantry door... then I didn't have enough ribbon to go all the way down... this is what I came up with...

I really like it! I tied a bigger black ribbon on the end to help weigh it down a bit to lay flat, but really that's not a problem. Once you clip the cards on it all hangs right.

Yay for a place hang the other cards of the year. Still not exactly sure what I'll do for the Christmas ones quite yet.

FYI... my next post will be my 300th post! WOW!

Need to think of something for it... what's everyone want to see? Any part of the house you'd like to see? Revisits some more popular posts? Something new?


Anonymous said...

Very cool! You can usually get holiday ribbon clearanced after the holiday so you could make some for each holiday. I will try it with my kitchen cabinets. Thanks. :)

Tys said...

Yah this was just some black & white ribbon I had on hand. Figured it'd be good to have there year round since it matched my kitchen instead of the holiday :)

Anonymous said...

Love this idea! Thanks for sharing.

WOW ~ I'm impressed with your blogging skills. 300 is quite something. :)

Love Aunt J

shelley c. said...

That is a great idea... I may have to do something like that for our cards this year! And I want to see the boys' rooms now that they've been moved around! ;)