Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I'm floundering! Help!

Okay... I don't really need actual help! I just felt like saying it ;) Sometimes it FEELS like I need some help... but it's all stuff I need to get under control on my own!

I know we're coming off a really stressful summer of a multitude of emotions and life changes. But I'm craving some normalcy or peace right now. I know, peace? Who has peace with 3 kids?

I feel spread thin between the kids, Greg, playgroup stuff, friends, family, Jake's school, school activities, crafts, decor, house cleaning, organization, mount washmore to tackle, paying bills, meals, snacks, go to the gym, grocery shop, birthday parties, car maintenance, get gas, coupons, pet care, etc... I can't keep up. That constant feeling of playing catch up overwhelms me.

So the blog has suffered. I did good for a bit though, didn't I? Bah. I DID manage to get all the boys rooms swapped out last week... but now I'm still knee deep in outgrown clothes and clothes to grow into... all to be organized and put away. Not to mention... I feel like I need to start deciding what to do with all this baby stuff. We have sooo much. While we're DONE having kids, that's a whole other hoop to jump through to actually BE done in your heart and mind and with the stuff ;)

I need a plan. I need a check list. I want to pull out of this funk and fly high in the sky as superwoman... but dang if I can manage a non-spit-up-on shirt and not putting both my contacts in AND my glasses on at the same time (that was quite a headache inducing hour until I figured that out... yet, I did it again... three more times lately).


the cape on the corner said...

oh my gosh, girl. contacts and glasses? you truly need a break. i am sure this is easier said than done with 3 kids, but somehow, figure out some time for you. and that doesn't mean cleaning up, or blogging.

Kate said...

Sending love and sanity to you...

Liz said...

Remember that this is just a season of your life. Things won't be this way forever. And be prepared to let a lot go! By that I mean decorating, coupons...things like that. You will get to them some other time! :-)

Bethany said...

I forgot Ava's homework the other day and I'm a TEACHER, across the hall from her teacher, in the same GRADE! (luckily her teacher has two kids and totally gets it!) WE weren't even doing anything busy the night before, just hanging out! It is a struggle to keep up with everything in the house and all. My 1st grade teaching friend forgot to put on her makeup for school the other day (she has two young children) we just laughed!
Ahhh! :) Oh and I put the peanut butter in the frig and the jelly in the lazy susan after packing Ava's lunch... love ya!