Friday, October 14, 2011

Kids crafts thanks to Pinterest! Gel bags & TP roll painting!

I'm quite the fan of Pinterest! It's great. I can bookmark all my fave ideas, but then I never return to check them out. With Pinterest I just pop on my board, find the pic (that takes me to the original smart/crafty persons link) and we're in business! I can even do it via my phone... score! So it's helped me with the kids crafts lately. Here are a couple things we've done...

Gel Sensory Bags:

You need some hair gel or shampoo (we used the cheapest & most hair gel I could buy) and then you squeeze it into a gallon size ziploc bag. Add some food coloring. Seal up by closing and taping shut with duck tape.

Then lay flat and they can use their fingers to make shapes, letters... or make footprints by having Buzz and Woody "walk" across the bag too ;)

It was fun, and it can actually be put away to be played with again!

TP roll painting (that we turned into a letter 'Q' project):

Had been saving TP rolls for Jake's school anyway. Then one Monday when the letter of the week was "Q" at school too. I try to supplement and support what he's learning that week, and Evan just soaks it all up too. So I got an idea spurred by yet another pinterest pin! Let's paint circles with the TP rolls, then when they dry turn them into Qs with a marker by adding the little line!

I'm linking this post up to my friend Char's kids craft linky party! Go check it out for more kids crafts ideas :)


Denise said...

Love the hair gel in a bag, great for kids who don't like to get their finger's messy

Charlene said...

Awesome idea with the sensory bags. I never made those before, but they look like fun. I have tp rolls coming out my ears...I swear I open the craft cupboard and tp and paper towel rolls fly out every time.

Thanks for linking up!!! Come again another time!