Monday, October 24, 2011

Oh coconuts! Apologies & some costumes!

Hi friends! First... I'm sorry. Have been so bad about posting. Been busy as can be... either forget to document it with pictures or the results are a bit underwhelming. I see I've lost a follower... seems strange to of made it all of the crazy heartbreaking summer hiatus, lose no one, only to lose someone now. Oh well!

Last week my dad came to visit! We took the kids to the Zoo Boo at the zoo. It was a day with high expectations on my part. We've gone to the zoo a lot since we have a membership. So I was hoping it'd help the boys be on their best behavior and enjoy the special events of the Zoo Boo. I worked hard the last couple weeks on their outfits. The weather was to suppose to not be as hot.

Alas... costumes fell apart (I really need to learn to sew, fabric glue didn't cut it), mosquitos were sooo bad (baby Luke and Evan we're just eaten up), their behavior was just about one step up from deplorable.... and I'm pretty sure my blood pressure was up there. Not to mention, I dressed us all too warm... it was hot out!

This seems to be how things are always turning out for me. It causes me to just want to do nothing :( I fear we're just going to melt away out of peoples lives. Alright... pity party over....

But here are some shots of their costumes... they're Jake & Cubby from Jake and the Neverland Pirates (lots of people tell me they have no clue what they are when they see the costumes).

At the meerkats... Jake's boot tops are already falling apart.

And after this, head scarves were ripped off ;) The elephants were the second thing we saw if that gives you a good time reference.

Here's the real Jake & the Neverland Pirates....

Also doing this theme for an upcoming joint birthday party for the boys. Lots of planning going on there too, just not much to show yet!

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Charlene said...

Aww, I think they look great. You did a great job.

One thing, did you use fabric glue or fusible webbing (the stuff you iron on)? The fusible webbing works really well and holds for a long time. Try that, if you didn't already (no need to sew).

And don't feel bad, my kids have ripped their costumes off and junk like that before happens to everyone. We moms always want everything to be just right and perfect and our darn kids just won't let us ;)

Can't wait to see what you have planned for their party!!