Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Some new Family Pics!

Wow... the days are just flying by! I plan on being really good at blogging in December... let's hope I'm not making a promise I can't keep!

I was asked to guest blog on a friends blog in December (stay tuned!). I'm so excited and very honored to of been thought of for this. I know this summer really tanked my blogging and even now I'm hit or miss. But, I really love blogging (and am honored to have readers and friends that are still here reading!) So, I'm excited to get to do this for many reasons! I'll tell you all about it when she makes her announcement... but it involves some craftiness and perhaps a trip to the dollar store ;)

She was telling me she'd like to introduce me and show some pics. Made me realize I had yet to share all the fabulous photographs that we had taken by my friend at Jennifer Battjer Photography (check her out, she's in the Houston area but also does work in New Jersey since she ofter travels there).

Brothers. I hope they're always there for each other.

My other half... we make a good team most times ;)

I think this will be our christmas card, so if we exchange cards... forget you ever saw this one!

Seriously, how wonderful is that shot. Man these boys are my heart!

Big time cutie-patootie
They're like real boys now... what am I going to do??

Can't believe she got this great shot of Ev, since he bulled the whole session!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Becoming the White Rabbit

I think I'm becoming the White Rabbit from Alice and Wonderland. Instead of declaring "I'm late, I'm late"... I think I'll start muttering "Too much to do, Too much to do"!

I can't believe how far behind on blogging I've gotten. I even had my computer completely turned off for 4 days... that's unheard of!

So let me finish the amazon wish list to send out for the boys gifts ideas, and get all the Christmas decor up and I'll be back. I'm hoping that the upcoming month of December is a rocking month of fun, fellowship, love, and lots of creativity!

Here are some of the things we'll be doing/getting ready for:

- A baby shower to put the finishing touches on
- it's my month to host bunko with the ladies on my street. I'm thinking a "Christmas Morning" theme complete with jammies and breakfast things like my french toast casserole. Last time I hosted bunko was last September
- Greg's Birthday
- Book Exchange/Christmas party with our playgroup
- Hosting a Moms Night In to make these easy & fun candles!
- Jake's school party... in which I'm in charge of decor and paper products
- Evan's 3rd Birthday
- Luke's adoption finalization court hearing
- The "Christmas Parade of Homes" with the neighbors on my street, our very first one was last year!
- My dad is coming to visit
- All 3 boys have well checks on the same day (and all will get shots, eek!)
- Christmas
- Then Greg's family is coming to visit the last week to ring in the new year

OH MY HEAD... it's gonna blow! Ah, but so love the holidays :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

The beginnings of a Pirate Bash! Sneak peek!

Ahoy Mateys! We decided to do a little joint party for the big boys this year. Since Jake turned 5 in October and Evan will be 3 in December... having it in November seemed good! Oh, and this is their FIRST big party EVER (I know bad mom). They've been going to their friends birthday parties for over 2 years now,  so I figured it was due time. Before now we've just had small family things. Which has been great but now that they're older and have been going to all these other parties... it's time! Still not going to be huge, just invited some of their little friends that they play & have fun with.

Part of the reason for making them Jake & Cubby for Halloween was to go hand-in-hand with their birthday party theme. Pirates! More along the line of Jake & the Neverland Pirates... not so much Pirates of the Caribbean or gory/scary ;)

First had to tackle the invites. I just used Microsoft Publisher, tea stained some paper & printed them out. First I went for a whole page and it just looked too big so I sized it down.

Then rolled them up and tied with twine to personally deliver.

This weekend, Jake and I worked on a few things...
Painting a big red "X" for the front door

Then painting a "sail" just like on Jake's ship to put up in their picnic table outside.

Which I made just by using a piece of fabric, painters tape & painted with arcylic paints! Easy! Greg saw it done and thought I bought it like that. He's so easily amazed, its great!

Looks just like it right? Right ;) Sorry so grainy, only one I could find of the ship!

Cut up scarves to wear on their heads.

A couple months ago I scored these napkins for $.20 each at Michaels... then the gold stuff was on sale at Target for $2 each... and since then have been snagging a few things here and there (like the clear not so gory skulls & bone platter for $.50 each - my only after Halloween deal)!

I thought using those palm tree stirs for fruit kabobs would be better than anything with a point ;)

In a bit I need to call and confirm this!

I hope this all comes together! Fingers crossed! Or should I say bones crossed? ;)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 7... Finale Rose is a Rose Design Giveaway!

Hi friends! Rose is a Rose Designs on day 7 of the week of giveaways! Today's giveaway amounts to $140!!

Go ahead, click on the above link, hop over and check it out. Tell her I sent ya and if you win, I win a little too :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Halloween Catch-up Post! A party and some pirates!

I kinda skipped over Halloween on the ole blog! Things got busy with the pantry ;)

The Saturday before we hosted a Family Halloween Party with the playgroup! I should of taken more pics... but, I didn't! Even made some cute "mummy dogs"! Maybe I can snag some from some friends!

Before the penninsula was overflowing with food!

The kids made these at a playdate the week before, they took them home when they left

Used Jake's school stuff to help decorate. Got the little straw cups as our "treat" to the kids for their drinks to help cut back on all the juice boxes and make water & milk more of an option

My friend Ellie made these ghost pops and the bones... I snagged the pics from her :)

Then it was Halloween! Here are the boys in their Jake & the Neverland Pirate costumes. I made them! All cut out of old clothes or some fabric!

Jake is Jake and Evan is Cubby! Luke was suppose to be the parrot Skully... but we won't talk about that... it just plain didn't happen. He's Baby Sweet Cheeks Halloween instead ;)

Just a couple more (sitting still is NOT an option)...

We had a good evening. Took them out early... then set up the camp chairs in the driveway and the boys helped me hand out candy! It was almost more fun doing that with them, then them trick-or-treating!

Hope you had a good one too!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pantry is done! I'm calling it a party!

I'm only a day late... but here it is... an organized and ever-so-slightly beautified pantry on a zero dollar budget!

So from this...

To this...

And this...

To this...

I'm happy with it! I can actually walk in there now and not feel like stuff is going to fall on me! Organization wise: put in a wire shelf  that we've had for a year (waiting to be put up). I shopped the house to keep all the containers either white or black. Put little or loose things together. Now I would really love to put some of the stuff in different locations... but it's funny how much kids things change things. I have to put the cans on the bottom shelf because if they play/drop one it won't cause much damage... and if I put them up high out of their reach, I'm so clumsy I'd drop one on my head or foot for sure! Medicines/vitamins had to go up high of course. I also put my baking stuff so that I can see it right when I walk in, it helps keep me in the mood to bake and reminds me too ;)

Above the 3 drawer unit I already had is school stuff for Jake, coloring books, paper, etc... and the family binder with all my coupons. Next to it I moved the cat & dog food containers over, took off the labels and made them labels from the computer.

On the other side I took a square laundry basket to hold all the bags (grocery, reusable, and trash bags)... much easier access and looks so much better too.

What you can't see: Put a command hook on the back of the door to hang my apron. Much better & safer than hanging off the fire extinguisher.

I would of loved to of painted or wallpapered like I see so many... but to make the biggest difference in this bland pantry... black accents was the best I could do! I spray painted some baskets and the big black box is a spray painted diaper box to house all my crap that's waiting to be "pinterestly inspired" :) It helps not drive Greg nuts with it all... he thinks I'm nuts at the stuff I save... but then is amazed with what I end up doing with it!

Do you have before & afters of your pantry? Please put your blog post in the comments and I'd be pleased as punch to add it into this post for others to visit!

My friend over at C Mom Cook cleaned out her pantry too! She's part of the Daring Baker/Cooks community, so she has lots of different stuff in her pantry at all times, check her out! Tell her I sent ya :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Pantry Party postponed ONE day... reveal tomorrow!

Hey friends! I gotta be frank... I'm not quite ready for the pantry party. I finally did finish mine (on a zero $ budget - go me!)... but now I need to get with those that said they'd participate too and then actually whip up the blog post! Tomorrow is the day... just a one day delay, that's okay right?? :)

I'm going to my first book club tonight... I HAVE to finish the book... so I'm in a bit of a bind! See ya soon!

In the meantime... go check out Rose is a Rose Designs DAY 4 of her 7 day GIVEAWAY!!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Rose is a Rose Designs SEVEN days of Giveaways!

Ok... everyone in the blog world LOVES giveways! I know you all, I do, I do!

But now I have the honor to present to you a SEVEN day giveway by
my friend Ellie over at Rose is a Rose Designs!

Below is a pic of today's giveaway (open until midnight)!
Click on it and check it out...
you can get up to FOUR entries for each of the seven days!

As if you need more incentive then a great giveaway... please go visit as this friend did a lot for us when we were down and really, it's the least I can do when she's kicking of her business blog!

Thanks so much friends & family!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Here it is... the Pantry Before! Eek!

If I would of timed this right... I should of unveiled the before on Halloween so it'd be with the whole spooky, scary & gory theme! ha ha!

My pantry has gotten pretty bad after the craziness of the summer, and then the general nuttiness of 3 kids. However, it's extra bad since we hosted a Halloween Party for our friends on Saturday. The poor pantry got stuck as the dumping ground for "where do I put this thing?".

Can't believe I'm doing this... but here it is in all it's glory ;)

If THATS not motivation, (my mess on the INTERNET)... I'm not sure what is! I'm going to go hit post now, before I chicken out! Eeek!