Saturday, November 26, 2011

Becoming the White Rabbit

I think I'm becoming the White Rabbit from Alice and Wonderland. Instead of declaring "I'm late, I'm late"... I think I'll start muttering "Too much to do, Too much to do"!

I can't believe how far behind on blogging I've gotten. I even had my computer completely turned off for 4 days... that's unheard of!

So let me finish the amazon wish list to send out for the boys gifts ideas, and get all the Christmas decor up and I'll be back. I'm hoping that the upcoming month of December is a rocking month of fun, fellowship, love, and lots of creativity!

Here are some of the things we'll be doing/getting ready for:

- A baby shower to put the finishing touches on
- it's my month to host bunko with the ladies on my street. I'm thinking a "Christmas Morning" theme complete with jammies and breakfast things like my french toast casserole. Last time I hosted bunko was last September
- Greg's Birthday
- Book Exchange/Christmas party with our playgroup
- Hosting a Moms Night In to make these easy & fun candles!
- Jake's school party... in which I'm in charge of decor and paper products
- Evan's 3rd Birthday
- Luke's adoption finalization court hearing
- The "Christmas Parade of Homes" with the neighbors on my street, our very first one was last year!
- My dad is coming to visit
- All 3 boys have well checks on the same day (and all will get shots, eek!)
- Christmas
- Then Greg's family is coming to visit the last week to ring in the new year

OH MY HEAD... it's gonna blow! Ah, but so love the holidays :)

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Anonymous said...

WOW T ~ sounds like all GOOD things to have going on! Hope your Thanksgiving was a good day and that you enjoy the upcoming activites! Love, Aunt J