Monday, November 14, 2011

The beginnings of a Pirate Bash! Sneak peek!

Ahoy Mateys! We decided to do a little joint party for the big boys this year. Since Jake turned 5 in October and Evan will be 3 in December... having it in November seemed good! Oh, and this is their FIRST big party EVER (I know bad mom). They've been going to their friends birthday parties for over 2 years now,  so I figured it was due time. Before now we've just had small family things. Which has been great but now that they're older and have been going to all these other parties... it's time! Still not going to be huge, just invited some of their little friends that they play & have fun with.

Part of the reason for making them Jake & Cubby for Halloween was to go hand-in-hand with their birthday party theme. Pirates! More along the line of Jake & the Neverland Pirates... not so much Pirates of the Caribbean or gory/scary ;)

First had to tackle the invites. I just used Microsoft Publisher, tea stained some paper & printed them out. First I went for a whole page and it just looked too big so I sized it down.

Then rolled them up and tied with twine to personally deliver.

This weekend, Jake and I worked on a few things...
Painting a big red "X" for the front door

Then painting a "sail" just like on Jake's ship to put up in their picnic table outside.

Which I made just by using a piece of fabric, painters tape & painted with arcylic paints! Easy! Greg saw it done and thought I bought it like that. He's so easily amazed, its great!

Looks just like it right? Right ;) Sorry so grainy, only one I could find of the ship!

Cut up scarves to wear on their heads.

A couple months ago I scored these napkins for $.20 each at Michaels... then the gold stuff was on sale at Target for $2 each... and since then have been snagging a few things here and there (like the clear not so gory skulls & bone platter for $.50 each - my only after Halloween deal)!

I thought using those palm tree stirs for fruit kabobs would be better than anything with a point ;)

In a bit I need to call and confirm this!

I hope this all comes together! Fingers crossed! Or should I say bones crossed? ;)


Ellie said...

how fun! doing a great job mama!

Anonymous said...

Kids will have a blast I'm sure! Love, Aunt J