Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Halloween Catch-up Post! A party and some pirates!

I kinda skipped over Halloween on the ole blog! Things got busy with the pantry ;)

The Saturday before we hosted a Family Halloween Party with the playgroup! I should of taken more pics... but, I didn't! Even made some cute "mummy dogs"! Maybe I can snag some from some friends!

Before the penninsula was overflowing with food!

The kids made these at a playdate the week before, they took them home when they left

Used Jake's school stuff to help decorate. Got the little straw cups as our "treat" to the kids for their drinks to help cut back on all the juice boxes and make water & milk more of an option

My friend Ellie made these ghost pops and the bones... I snagged the pics from her :)

Then it was Halloween! Here are the boys in their Jake & the Neverland Pirate costumes. I made them! All cut out of old clothes or some fabric!

Jake is Jake and Evan is Cubby! Luke was suppose to be the parrot Skully... but we won't talk about that... it just plain didn't happen. He's Baby Sweet Cheeks Halloween instead ;)

Just a couple more (sitting still is NOT an option)...

We had a good evening. Took them out early... then set up the camp chairs in the driveway and the boys helped me hand out candy! It was almost more fun doing that with them, then them trick-or-treating!

Hope you had a good one too!!


Anonymous said...

LOVED seeing the pictures of the boys and your house decorated for Halloween T. You are so creative. How are the milk jugs lite up? Cut a hole in the back and candle? Very cute! Love, Aunt J

Pam said...

Cute costumes. I found all these neat ideas for food for Halloween this year and then ended up not having a party. Just have to save them for next year.