Monday, November 7, 2011

Pantry Party postponed ONE day... reveal tomorrow!

Hey friends! I gotta be frank... I'm not quite ready for the pantry party. I finally did finish mine (on a zero $ budget - go me!)... but now I need to get with those that said they'd participate too and then actually whip up the blog post! Tomorrow is the day... just a one day delay, that's okay right?? :)

I'm going to my first book club tonight... I HAVE to finish the book... so I'm in a bit of a bind! See ya soon!

In the meantime... go check out Rose is a Rose Designs DAY 4 of her 7 day GIVEAWAY!!!

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macgyver mom said...

You certainly do not have to finish the book, you would be in them minority if you did (at least with this particular book) :) See you tonight!