Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Some new Family Pics!

Wow... the days are just flying by! I plan on being really good at blogging in December... let's hope I'm not making a promise I can't keep!

I was asked to guest blog on a friends blog in December (stay tuned!). I'm so excited and very honored to of been thought of for this. I know this summer really tanked my blogging and even now I'm hit or miss. But, I really love blogging (and am honored to have readers and friends that are still here reading!) So, I'm excited to get to do this for many reasons! I'll tell you all about it when she makes her announcement... but it involves some craftiness and perhaps a trip to the dollar store ;)

She was telling me she'd like to introduce me and show some pics. Made me realize I had yet to share all the fabulous photographs that we had taken by my friend at Jennifer Battjer Photography (check her out, she's in the Houston area but also does work in New Jersey since she ofter travels there).

Brothers. I hope they're always there for each other.

My other half... we make a good team most times ;)

I think this will be our christmas card, so if we exchange cards... forget you ever saw this one!

Seriously, how wonderful is that shot. Man these boys are my heart!

Big time cutie-patootie
They're like real boys now... what am I going to do??

Can't believe she got this great shot of Ev, since he bulled the whole session!

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Anonymous said...

YEAH! Pictures ~ I LOVE pictures! Thanks so much T for the blogging. I truly enjoy following you. Much Love, Aunt J