Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Decor! Finally!

Wow... I'm so behind, especially in the blog world. I really wanted to blog a ton in December... I had big plans. But as soon as December started, I was already playing catch up! Recall my post on becoming the white rabbit... truth!

So here's our Christmas decor this year. It took TEN days to get all this up and I just couldn't do anymore! Not really due to amount, although I guess we do have a good amount... just plain ole lack of motivation and energy.

Of course the village went up! I think the last time I showed the village was WAY back in 2008 when we still were in the townhouse up north!

We got our BIG fat tree up with all the fun ornaments!

The mantel. This year just stuck with the greenery. Had big plans (that's a recurring theme this year) for personalized matching/coordinating stockings. Just used 3 of our old 4 for this year... next year, I SWEAR, I'll get it done :) I will admit, it was more put together in 2010.

Put the more formal tree in the foyer instead of the office, like last year. I liked it in the office only because it made it so you could see a tree from the street. I miss that. Home plans aren't made the same... the living rooms and family rooms are in the back of the home now... so you don't see as many trees when driving by. I think having it in the foyer does it better justice and you can kind of see it from the street through the glass in the front door!

Put the garland up on the stairs too, I just had to stop at the greenery. Adding the red wooden beads like last year were going to be my undoing ;)

This year I tried something new for the christmas cards... ribbon on the cabinet door fronts & clothespins! Love it! I really really like being able to see them all and have all our friends and family hang out with us in the kitchen! I now have 6 cabinet doors covered with cards, ribbons almost completely full!

Last but not least a quick iphone shot of the outside. We didn't do the high gables like we have before. So we did the bushes to make up for it!

I'm guest blogging! Come read!

Go check it out! I'm guest blogging over at Adventures in Mommyland. It's a Dollar Store Christmas Craft. I did Peppermint Candy Centerpieces! Click on below pic to go to the guest blog post.

Big ole thanks to Charlene for having me over! Pretty (with a peppermint candy on top) please go visit :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Teacher & Class Gifts!

'Tis the season!

This year with Jake being in preschool, we're now in the wonderful world of that sort of gift giving.
I knew I wanted to make some rag wreaths like I made in the spring.

Wish I had some pics, but I was making them while we watched movies or the big boys were in the tub ;)

I also knew I wanted to make these shimmer candles that I originally saw on "Remodling This Life" when mentioned by Melissa at The Inspired Room when she was talking about epsom salt crafts.

I decided to make it a Christmas crafty Moms Night In as well! It's great to do for a moms night craft since it's so simple & easy... you can talk and not worry about messing it up or something!

Some results... one mama got creative and just did the mod podge in a candy cane strip! Neat!

I just did simple white ones for his teachers and the director (the school is so small, and she helps a lot).

Put them in small little plastic bags and tied with ribbon!

For the teachers I put the wreath on a plate, stuck the candle & some candies in the middle and tied up! They look kinda silly, but I didn't want them getting smooshed and it was hard to find something to put them in.

For the class gift... I was really racking my brain. I think it gets over the top, and along with the rest of the holidays I think we start to miss the holiday spirit. I found some fabulous ideas on pinterest for treats... but as cute as they were I really didn't want to introduce more sugar! I really wanted a little ornament to give.
A jingle bell that I painted "2011" onto and tied with a tag that has a quote from "It's a Wonderful Life", "Teacher says, Every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings". Just right in my book!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Boys are a Hoot... a baby shower

Recently, I co-hosted a baby shower for our friend who is due in Jan with baby boy #2!

Kept it simple and had lunch at a restaurant. Of course I had some little creative ideas of some things I wanted to do decor/present wise!

She's doing the nursery in a modern woodland theme... so thought owls would be cute! They're quite the rage in the bloggy world (found a super cute owl e-invitation on PINGG since evite didn't have a thing!)... but come to find out... still hard to find any owl decor/party stuff in the real world yet.

First my Easter Tree came to mind. Thought it'd be cute to use it to hang pictures off of. So off I went to her blog to print out her belly pics and dig the tree out of the attic :)

Then I modge podged them to brown paper bag.

Cut out. Hole punched and hung up with twine and got a couple of owl ornaments to hang up too.

I didn't get very good pics at the party at all. I seriously need to look into all these tutorials online for photography skills... specifically for a point-n-shoot (on ever growing to-do list).

Also made my first diaper cake! Greg had to help me with the bigger bottom layer... he was very proud of himself (*eyeroll*, goofball!). Topped it with her favorite baby products!

Last but not least... a yummy mint chocolate chip ice cream cake!

Story about this cake: I asked them to write "Boys are a Hoot" in blue or green. Apparently, this was all sorts of problems. First, the manager was all "you want it to say WHAT?"... and "what does THAT mean? Are you being crude?". Then when my partner in crime picked it up she got questioned about it too. A HOOT... like funny ha-ha and like a noise that comes from an owl... come on people! Luckily everyone at our shower got it ;) Why they did it to look like a christmas cake... I have no clue... I guess it stemmed from the whole HOOT confusion?? Life is certainly NEVER boring! ;)

So anyHOOT (haha!) a good time was had by all getting to shower the mama and her bun in the oven!

"A wee bit of heaven drifted down from above, a handful of happiness, a heart full of love."

Friday, December 2, 2011

H Boys Pirate Birthday Bash!

Catching up on this! I asked my friend to take pics of the party since I knew I'd be running around like a loon. (Wasn't that nice!?) Then we had the hardest time actually getting the pictures from her to me... you'd think that'd be simple this day in age! Figured it out... so here we go!
I posted earlier about some of our prep work, like the invites and such.

Our "theme" was slightly Jake & the Neverland Pirates... I wanted pirates without all the gore and stuff since they are only turning 5 & 3 :)

Started out with dressing the mantel (look! Lowe's Lanterns!)... it was pretty fun it's all stuff we had... I didn't buy anything but the balloons! Arrgh!

"X" marked the spot for the party!

Even taped red rectangles on the floor through the house like a map... first stop the chest o'presents (that our mates were so kind to fill)...

Also to don pirate garb (the jewels chest also had coins & shells, but the kids cleared those out asap!)...

I just dug through the remnants bin at Jo Ann's a couple times and cut up into scarves for our pirates!

Eventually leading to this... Shipwreck Island (it was huge & rented at a great rate! lots of fun!!)

Shipwreck Island - jake-and-the-never-land-pirates photo

And I tried to make it sort of like Jake & the Neverland pirates hideaway behind the waterfall and create a psuedo ship with a sail over their picnic table.

Img 35270 jake-and-never-land-pirates-the-old-shell-game.jpg

 It was a really windy day though, so it's a little hard to see that. The bounce house rocked though!

After some playing after parlay... there was grub (pics mid grubbin... haha)!

Followed by some cannon fuses & fishy treats (mini choc chip muffins cupcakes with cream cheese frosting blue sprinkles and a chocolate graham fish!)....

Other shots from the party...

Table decor made up of battery-ran candles and various sand, shell, and twine items. Topped off with the hat Greg bought to wear, but didn't ... so I stuck it there!

It was a really good time! We had fun! The boys had fun! I think our guests had fun too! It got pretty hot & muggy that day so Jake didn't get to wear his Jake & the Neverland Pirate costume for the party that I made for Halloween.

Evan was able to be Cubby though! Fun times had by all... and nice pics huh? Thanks Ellie!