Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Boys are a Hoot... a baby shower

Recently, I co-hosted a baby shower for our friend who is due in Jan with baby boy #2!

Kept it simple and had lunch at a restaurant. Of course I had some little creative ideas of some things I wanted to do decor/present wise!

She's doing the nursery in a modern woodland theme... so thought owls would be cute! They're quite the rage in the bloggy world (found a super cute owl e-invitation on PINGG since evite didn't have a thing!)... but come to find out... still hard to find any owl decor/party stuff in the real world yet.

First my Easter Tree came to mind. Thought it'd be cute to use it to hang pictures off of. So off I went to her blog to print out her belly pics and dig the tree out of the attic :)

Then I modge podged them to brown paper bag.

Cut out. Hole punched and hung up with twine and got a couple of owl ornaments to hang up too.

I didn't get very good pics at the party at all. I seriously need to look into all these tutorials online for photography skills... specifically for a point-n-shoot (on ever growing to-do list).

Also made my first diaper cake! Greg had to help me with the bigger bottom layer... he was very proud of himself (*eyeroll*, goofball!). Topped it with her favorite baby products!

Last but not least... a yummy mint chocolate chip ice cream cake!

Story about this cake: I asked them to write "Boys are a Hoot" in blue or green. Apparently, this was all sorts of problems. First, the manager was all "you want it to say WHAT?"... and "what does THAT mean? Are you being crude?". Then when my partner in crime picked it up she got questioned about it too. A HOOT... like funny ha-ha and like a noise that comes from an owl... come on people! Luckily everyone at our shower got it ;) Why they did it to look like a christmas cake... I have no clue... I guess it stemmed from the whole HOOT confusion?? Life is certainly NEVER boring! ;)

So anyHOOT (haha!) a good time was had by all getting to shower the mama and her bun in the oven!

"A wee bit of heaven drifted down from above, a handful of happiness, a heart full of love."

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Anonymous said...

Very Clever! Thanks for sharing. Aunt J