Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Countdown for the boys!

A couple things on pinterest caught my eye for something the boys could do to countdown to Christmas and not focus on sweets and just perhaps a skill or two.

Fun, right?Here's what I did:

Evan's pretty much came as I found it from pinterest as a free printable to download (click on the pic below to follow the link).

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Then just mounted it on red paper to make more substantial. He'll countdown the days by making santa's bread fluffy by adding a cottonball each day until Christmas! For him it'll be about listening, following instruction, and numbers recognition.

Jake's was inspired by this one I found on pinterest (click on the pick below for original link).

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Fine motor skills like cutting are always good little exercises to work on at his age! I googled until I found a simple santa face in color.

Then I just took a 9"x12" piece of white paper and cut his bread with a curve since I didn't have anything longer. Glued the top of below his mustache. Then I just freehanded the countdown of the days with lines to cut.

Cut out and mounted to green paper.

Then simply printed out their names so there'd be no fighting on who is who's (happens often around here).

Here it is in action this morning!!

24 days until Christmas! Stay tuned, tomorrow I'll be posting about our advent (non-secular timeline) activities that will include getting in the spirit by giving, serving and a little enjoying the season!


the cape on the corner said...

i love the long bearded santa one! how excited will they be for a little snip snip each day.

Anonymous said...

These turned out so cute Tyson!!! I love them! I saw the one where you cut the pieces of the beard but I like your long beard better! I'm going to do one of each for my boys too! :) Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

So CLEVER T!!! Love how creative you are. You certainly haven't lost your touch as you have always been that way. Much Love, Aunt J

Charlene said...

Great idea!!! You should link this to Hey Mom Look What I Did on Adventures In Mommy Land!!!!! ;)