Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Decor! Finally!

Wow... I'm so behind, especially in the blog world. I really wanted to blog a ton in December... I had big plans. But as soon as December started, I was already playing catch up! Recall my post on becoming the white rabbit... truth!

So here's our Christmas decor this year. It took TEN days to get all this up and I just couldn't do anymore! Not really due to amount, although I guess we do have a good amount... just plain ole lack of motivation and energy.

Of course the village went up! I think the last time I showed the village was WAY back in 2008 when we still were in the townhouse up north!

We got our BIG fat tree up with all the fun ornaments!

The mantel. This year just stuck with the greenery. Had big plans (that's a recurring theme this year) for personalized matching/coordinating stockings. Just used 3 of our old 4 for this year... next year, I SWEAR, I'll get it done :) I will admit, it was more put together in 2010.

Put the more formal tree in the foyer instead of the office, like last year. I liked it in the office only because it made it so you could see a tree from the street. I miss that. Home plans aren't made the same... the living rooms and family rooms are in the back of the home now... so you don't see as many trees when driving by. I think having it in the foyer does it better justice and you can kind of see it from the street through the glass in the front door!

Put the garland up on the stairs too, I just had to stop at the greenery. Adding the red wooden beads like last year were going to be my undoing ;)

This year I tried something new for the christmas cards... ribbon on the cabinet door fronts & clothespins! Love it! I really really like being able to see them all and have all our friends and family hang out with us in the kitchen! I now have 6 cabinet doors covered with cards, ribbons almost completely full!

Last but not least a quick iphone shot of the outside. We didn't do the high gables like we have before. So we did the bushes to make up for it!


Amanda said...

Your home looks lovely and festive! The tree is beautiful all lit up with gifts underneath.

I do love going past homes and being able to see Christmas trees!

Charlene said...

Everything looks great! I know all about having big plans and not getting things's been my motto for most of the year (and it's just one of the reasons I'm glad I'm quitting my job). If it weren't for the guest posts I've had all month, my blog would have been pretty bare.

Anonymous said...

Looking good T! :) Your home looks like Christmas! Enjoy as all your efforts have paid off. Much Love, Aunt J