Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Teacher & Class Gifts!

'Tis the season!

This year with Jake being in preschool, we're now in the wonderful world of that sort of gift giving.
I knew I wanted to make some rag wreaths like I made in the spring.

Wish I had some pics, but I was making them while we watched movies or the big boys were in the tub ;)

I also knew I wanted to make these shimmer candles that I originally saw on "Remodling This Life" when mentioned by Melissa at The Inspired Room when she was talking about epsom salt crafts.

I decided to make it a Christmas crafty Moms Night In as well! It's great to do for a moms night craft since it's so simple & easy... you can talk and not worry about messing it up or something!

Some results... one mama got creative and just did the mod podge in a candy cane strip! Neat!

I just did simple white ones for his teachers and the director (the school is so small, and she helps a lot).

Put them in small little plastic bags and tied with ribbon!

For the teachers I put the wreath on a plate, stuck the candle & some candies in the middle and tied up! They look kinda silly, but I didn't want them getting smooshed and it was hard to find something to put them in.

For the class gift... I was really racking my brain. I think it gets over the top, and along with the rest of the holidays I think we start to miss the holiday spirit. I found some fabulous ideas on pinterest for treats... but as cute as they were I really didn't want to introduce more sugar! I really wanted a little ornament to give.
A jingle bell that I painted "2011" onto and tied with a tag that has a quote from "It's a Wonderful Life", "Teacher says, Every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings". Just right in my book!


Anonymous said...

Hi T ~ LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the crafts you made for the teachers, etc. Very Cute! Love, Aunt J

Charlene said...

You made some really cute gifts this year! I thought about doing the candles..but thinking is as far as I got haha. Great job!