Thursday, January 19, 2012

Found some inspiration for my "initals" project!

I posted last week about the boys wall initials and wanting to do something different with them. Well, I do believe I've been inspired! Pinterest didn't let me down afterall, ha ha!

I'm going to do a spin-off of this (click on pic for original creative idea!)...

I think I want it to horizontal and in with the toys I'll put the "J" in one corner and the "E" in the opposite bottom corner. I'm going to try to stick to "transportation" type toys to stick with the light theme of their room.Then spray it all with that fabulous Rustoleum blue that the boys chair is painted in their room!

This is a great project because it's mobile and can move with us, it uses things that might of been just thrown away... and it's a super unique idea!

Okay so....

1. Need to find a mirror.... tried my local friends (was hoping someone had something stashed in their garage they were dying to get rid of... no luck!), so time for some thrift store shopping this weekend

2. Coming up with toys (broken will be just fine!) Of course after christmas I went through the boys today and threw out all the broken or goody bag type toys they never play with. So now I'll be hounding friends for their junk ;)

3. I hope to have this completed before next month comes calling ;)


Charlene said...

I saw this before too and thought it was cute. I say when you are thrift shopping for the mirror, look for the toys too. I always see bags of small toys and things like that for sell. Oh and I love that color blue too!

Anonymous said...

Hi T. LOVE the idea! Can't wait to see the end result.
Love, Aunt J

Angie said...

Love it!

Emmy said...

Oh I have not seen that, that would be a cool idea. And yea, we move a lot so my decor ideas are always things I can bring with