Sunday, January 22, 2012

"Indoor Tri" March 4, 2012

I'm going to be there hoping not to fall on my face (figuratively OR literally)!

I've been seeing these HUGE signs up all over the gym since the New Year. 

Indoor Tri on Sunday, March 2012 starting at 7am

10 minute swim, 30 minute bike ride, 20 minute run!

Anyway, after much hemming & hawing (in my mind) I posted about it on Facebook and everyone jumped in and said to just DO IT. So I went to spin tonight, picked the info card on the way out and registered tonight! Oh my... I was a ball of nerves just hitting submit!

So my plan of attack... a 10 minute swim really isn't anything hard for me (being a swimmer as a youth it just stuck with me), so I'll do that once a week. I already do spin twice a week, so I'll keep up with that. Now running... oh boy... I'm NOT a runner. Never have been, not one iota. So that I will definitely have to work on. Have been given some great suggestions... so the rest of my 6 weeks will be spent training to run a full 20 minutes on a treadmill!

I know to some, this really is no big deal. But for me it's HUGE. The commitment to train for the 6 weeks... the competing part... it's all out of my comfort zone. So here's goes nothing :)

As Eleanor Roosevelt once said... "Do one thing everyday that scares you"


bethany said...

Good luck Tyson! The swimming would scare me away! You can do it!!

Emmy said...

The run would be no problem for me- but the swim- I would drown. So how about you swim and I run :)

I am sure you will rock it!

Coming from your feature at Adventures in MommyLand - nice to "meet" you

Anonymous said...

You can do it T! :)
Aunt J