Friday, January 13, 2012

An Initial Project Brainstorm

Back in October we bunked up the big boys! We had enough rooms for all 3 boys to each have one... but Evan's room was the perfect nursery and it really is nice to have a guest room. We have a little secret... we're probably moving this year (lets' hope my stress level doesn't officially go through the roof). We don't have a time frame yet, we just know it's in the works. We just know 2012 is the year since we moved here 3 years ago... Greg's time is up... time for a promotion and therefore transfer.

So in the back of my head I have to keep that all in mind. Which is hard for me, I still have lots of plans for this house. I don't have to stop my fun... I just need to do things that will get mileage and are mobile!

The boys like most children being born to the world right now, have had their initials up on their walls. When I moved Evan into Jake's room... herein after called The Big Boys Room... I never took down Jake's initials (they used to be straight, I just took them down then remembered to take a pic and put them back up real quick!). Evan's were still hanging in Luke's room until.... today.

Time for something new! But I'm not sure what!?!?!

I've been scouring pinterest, and am disappointed in my findings. First time ole pinterest has let me down. Got a neat idea? Thinking of just using their first initials this time around.

Here's a tour of when it was Jake's room (back when I would cram multiple things into one post!)... to give you an idea of the space/decor. Now his bed is moved more to the window (removed nightstand) and Evan's bed is to the right.

My goal is to paint the beds once we move again... because by then we'll probably use the other twin we have and get Evan out of the toddler bed. I think that would be great... two twin beds with different style headboards but painted the same punch of color! I also want to work on some bulletin/memo board creation for the desk area.

Hmmmmm..... thinking..... thinking.... thinking.....


Anonymous said...

Hi T ~ What a trip down memory lane! Enjoyed seeing The Bog Boys room and what it looked like when it was just Jake's. I was sorry to hear that pininterest let you down on new ideas for the room. I hate to say it, but I don't have any good ideas about what you could do now. With your talent and creativity I know that you will end up with an awesome room!

Much Love,
Aunt J

Anonymous said...

P.S. I did just LOVE it when you painted the four pictures for Jake's room way back in Chicago.

Tys said...

Actually, I painted those when we moved to Texas to go with his room :)

I plan on showing the Big Boys Room whenever I get the wall above their beds & the initials all figured out.

Anonymous said...

Hi T, You know they say "Memory is the first to go". Well color me purple ~ what was on the wall in J's room in Chicago? I thought it was a craft project...
Love, Aunt J