Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rainy craft: T-Shirt Scarf!

It's is one rainy dreary day here, yuck! Plus, I woke up SICK (this always happens after all 3 boys get sick - then it's my turn), double yuck!

This weekend Greg went through a bunch of his old tshirts... lots to throw out! I hate just throwing stuff out, but you can only have so many rags!

So since the boys are playing rather well together today and Luke was taking his morning nap, I jumped on pinterest and came across this:

Pinned Image

Hmmmm.... light bulb in head went off! I can do that!

So here's what I did. Yes, on top of the mirror I'm suppose to be working on... but I need to give it a layer of paint before I start gluing toys on and I don't have anywhere inside to do that. Due to the rain, it looks like I'll just be using the mirror as my work space today ;)

Cut off the bottom portion of the shirt (removing the bottom hem). After the fact I recommend doing a bit more than I did... maybe a foot.

Cut in half to give you one long piece of fabric (an after the fact thought... I'd use a bigger shirt for more length... like a double XL rather than this mens large).

Then cut the ends into a "fringe"

Pull/stretch the entire piece and then also each little fringe (to help it curl a bit and be longer)

Taa-da! That was so easy & fun!

Sorry, more blurry than I realized until post time!

Now I just need to embellish it, like the original poster did! Hmmmm......not sure I have enough alike buttons to pull it off... what else do I have laying around????
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