Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Some Christmas Memories

Thought the least I could do would be to share some pictures from our holidays!

Of course we made cookies... gingerbread, sugar, pineapple drops, chocolate chips oh and some green chocolate dipped pretzels! The gingerbread is hands down my fave! But I don't have any pictures of them really. But... whoa... up close shots ;)
Green Choc dipped Pretzels with crushed peppermint

Pineapple Drop Cookies

The boys helped decorate!

Decorated by Evan

Only a small portion that was decorated by Jake... he was on a roll!

Then on Christmas Eve we tried to get a pic of all three boys... our best one is blurry!

Big boys opened their ornaments to hang on the tree (its a tradition to get an ornament to open up and hang on the tree on Christmas Eve).

Put out the "Magic Reindeer Food" that Jake got from school.

Got Santa's cookies & milk out too (I painted that plate last year!).

Next morning they got to see what Santa left them... a kitchen... they're still over the moon about it!

Luke rather enjoyed the opening of the presents.

I made red velvet pancakes made from inspiration from something I pinned on pinterest... although mine did NOT turn out nearly as red... but they did taste more festive than the normal ones!


Ellie said...

thanks for sharing!

shelley c. said...

Oh my gosh, I love the picture of tossing out the reindeer food. We do that, too :)
Looks like a fun, delicious holiday! <3

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures of your Christmas T! Love seeing how the boys are growning. :)
Much Love, Aunt J