Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Big Boys' Room Update 2012

In doing the Mirror Project for the big boys' room, we decided (for safety reasons to not brain our children with a heavy mirror) to rearrange the wall decor.

It meant moving the mirror to the wall that currently held the four canvases I painted (I'm still pretty proud of them and will probably look for a way to get lots of use out of them down to the last kid as long as I can! ha!) to match the bedding.

This pic was taken before I wrestled the bigger dresser in when we moved the big boys in together. When I got the idea, I just could NOT wait for Greg to get home in a few days. It was you-tube worthy I'm sure!

Moved the mirror to that wall... check!

Let's just ignored it's too high on the wall... really... loooong story... relates to more issues in basic communication 101 (we've decided to blame it not on our communication, just that we have 3 young children and our brains are fried). Now I think I need some kind of galvanized steel box to set under it on the dresser to visually bring it more together height-wise.

Realized that the paintings would need rearranged and maybe something else added to the mix to help "beef" it up a little.
Frames! I have frames! Since I knew I wanted to do the framed screens for earring storage that I did last week... I've been snagging some frames here and there.
I had these 2 brown frames with some really nice detail. They were originally $2.99 each, but the day I went to goodwill the green tags were 50% off! Score!

I still had the paints leftover from when I painted the canvases. Decided to do one in orange and one in the light blue to help it pop on that wall of boring beige.

I did a few coats (surprisingly enough the blue coated tons better than the orange) then sanded down here and there for an imperfect look.
Up they went together!

And some more shots of their room...

Their beds! Those monkeys were given to the big boys by the judge that finalized baby Luke's adoption in December :)

I still have things I want to do in this space, it's still pretty much the same

The shelf holds bigger trinkets from our travels

Decided to link this up to some linky parties! Hello, if visiting due to a linky party, thanks so much for visiting! Until this week it's been quite a few months since I've linked up!

I saw that Thrifty Decor Chick is having a kids room linky party... so I decided to link up this old post. I'm a bit MIA right now in the blogging world due to upcoming cross country move (which means soon this room will be no more!)... but though it'd still be fun to play along! Thanks for visiting!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update T. Looking good! You never cease to amaze me with your creative talents! Love,
Aunt J