Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The boys' initial project turned toy mirror project!

So wow... like anything I get involved in... this turned out to be quite a heck of a project! Lots of lessons learned, trial & error, hot glue burns, and general thoughts of "why can't I just be normal for once and buy something to hang there". However, here it is and we all really like it!

I showed you my inspiration pic a few weeks ago...

For this wall space (click on pic for post all about it)...

After scouring thrift stores I finally found a good size mirror with a good size frame (that was the problem finding one big enough and with a chunky frame). Cost $29.99

Then, I collected random toys (broken ones are just fine!) and one friend even donated some to the cause (thanks Amanda!).

Ran into issue #1... this chunky mirror actually goes down in the middle. So thought "uh-oh, that might not get painted once toys are on it"... so first I painted it focusing on that area.

Then glued toys with a TON of hot glue onto mirror. It was pretty much a random process... trying out some bigger toys here and there and trying not to have the same type of toys right next to each other. This was the most fun step of the whole thing :)

Then, I thought it'd be smart to prime it all with all the different colors, materials, textures, and such. I already had a half can primer so thought, "why not, maybe it'll make it all easier in the long run". Did it? I don't know. But when I primed I noticed the "valley" part of the mirror frame painted just fine so I really didn't need that first coat of blue.

Issue #2... toys started to fall off. So I recommend you use WAY more glue than you think you need and then even more!!

I tried to be more patient and to thin coats of the paint over the course of 2 days (my normal M.O. is that I just apply it all as fast as I can and then usually never give it enough time to dry).

It was looking pretty spiffy and very cool if I do say so myself (laying on the garage floor).

Issue #3... I was in such a rush to finally get started I didn't think about how to hang it. It was set up for a vertical orientation... I designed to hang horizontally. So Greg & I were installing hangers post-project... this REALLY should of been done FIRST (highly recommend!).

More toys popped off... more toys glued on!

Buy this point we realize issue #4... this mirror is VERY heavy and gluing a bunch of toys on DID NOT help. So off to Lowe's to get wall anchors & hangers that hold up to 100lbs each (we used two of each).

Issue #5... communication IS key. Greg told me to put my finger where I wanted it (meaning the top - like we've done a million times before) on the wall while he was holding it up to the wall. Weeeeeeellllll folks, what he also meant was in the CENTER as well... that I did not do (I should of inferred it or he should of said it)... we didn't realize this until TOO LATE. There's so much that can be said on the topic of communication... I think this is a perfect example/metaphor! ;)

Luckily it wasn't too far off and I just moved the boys beds around a little.

More toys popped off... more toys glued on... this time via super glue!

It looks super cool on the wall... but issue #6... I now have this HUGE fear that this mirror is going to somehow fall and brain both of them in their sleep. I love my children, no need to cause them harm over my projects!But now with two HUGE holes in the wall... it's going to be so painful to say... "let's move it over the dresser instead hunny"! (we just texted each other about it... yah, we'll be switching walls this weekend!!)

So that was my project that took me 2 weeks longer than expected (and is still in the works)... but like I said... it looks awesome and very unique though ;)

Thought I'd join Between Naps on the Porch for a little Metamorphis Monday! :)


April said...

Amazing! I love it!

Amanda said...

Love this idea! I might have to make one for Caiden's new room. The theme is "transportation" so this should be perfect!

Anonymous said...

Ty- I love it! It's a great idea and looks awesome. Did you try Gorilla Glue or that E6000? I've used Gorilla glue and it's runny but strong....sometimes my hot glue doesn't stick well though I'm not sure why?? I had to lol about the wall hanging with the hubster. That would do be myself and Blake!!!! Maybe even worse since I get so frustrated that he is so by-the-book and I'm more just-do-it!

Would love to see where your final resting place is in the room. I think that will be one cherished mirror for certain!!!
I bet that would also work for a corkboard???

I love all of your DIY projects. I need your energy! And creativeness!

Anonymous said...

T ~ CONGRATULATIONS on a JOB well done! :) Once again your creative side shines! Much Love, Aunt J

the cape on the corner said...

that is so ridiculously awesome, i can't even tell you.

Terry said...

Such a fun idea for a kids space.