Monday, February 27, 2012

Fabric Scraps & a Wipes Box

Recently, I went a bit pin-crazy on pinterest pinning a bunch of stuff that could be done with fabric scraps!

One that caught my eye was using them to jazz up a plain ole wipes box.

Pinned Image

This is great! If you click on the picture or here you can read the blog post that I got the idea from. She's even using a pattern!

Now what have we learned about me thus far? I'm like the queen of imperfection (since I don't think I've ever come close to achieving perfection, I like to be real knowledgeable on imperfection and pretend I own it), I do things when the kids/time/materials all provide to do it RIGHT THEN, and I always end up doing something my own way.

Materials: Wipes Container, Mod Podge, Fabric... and not pictured brush & scissors :)

In going through some scraps, I found this Kansas University one. It wasn't much to cover the whole thing like the pattern one does. So I decided just to cut it into strips (about 2-3" wide and long enough to go underneath as well) and randomly place around the wipes box.

Then after sides were complete, it need some fabric on the bottom too. Then I coated it all in a layer of gloss finish Mod Podge to finish it up.

After it was all dry, I took some fine sandpaper and went over the entire outside very lightly. Just to take some of the stiffness/luster off a bit. It made it just right!

Then put in a bag with some clothes and gave to Greg to give to his coworker/friend that just had a baby since he's a Jayhawk!

I also made one to put in Luke's room... it was my FIRST go round actually, and I didn't take many pics since I was too busy experimenting ;)

You can tell I tried to use bigger pieces in my first attempt and the overlap shows through... that's why I decided strips of fabric would work better and work with the perfect imperfect look!

I made another one for a friend the other day. She's doing her nursery in rustic/cabin... I asked her what colors she was working with and whipped something up. Let's hope it matches! I'll ask her to take a pic to share, since I forgot (how do I forget stuff like this?).


shelley c. said...

Those look awesome, and it's such a great idea - I mean, every baby's room needs wipes, might as well have them match the room/theme/family!! So creative!!

Anonymous said...

What a GREAT idea! I will keep this in mind for when one of my friends has grandbabies. Thanks for the nice pictures. Love, Aunt J

Liz said...

Hey! What about THIS Jayhawk??? Just kidding. Darling idea with the wipes box!!

Tys said...

That's right! You are my other Jayhawk friend! Guess you're just going to have to have another baby Liz ;)