Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Belated Valentines Day 2012

Running behind as always, I know Vday is over and everyone is probably sick of hearing about it. But here was some of what we did!

A couple years ago we made Heart Crayons!

Last year we did Heart Birdseed Ornaments!

This year.... Heart Sidewalk Chalk!

I followed the tutorial (and you should to, tuts aren't my strong point!) I found via pinterest at The Whimsical Princess.

I make such a mess, it's never pretty that's for sure... some how it comes together in the end!

I made a HUGE mistake... I left the mixture in my stainless steel bowl that I use ALL the time. I thought it wouldn't set in a sort time... I was very wrong. So the leftover solidified and I have to throw the bowl away - we cannot get it out :( I haven't done it yet, I keep thinking it'll just miraculously fix itself. So the next batch I cover with aluminum foil first... much better!!

The original poster said that they were dry in 24 hours... not in humid Texas.. it was DAYS.

I simply put them into snack sized ziplocs, printed out "Hope your day is CHALK full of fun" and had Jake sign his name to the back of each! We actually had enough leftover that we were able to take some to our playgroup event too :)

Some other things we made...

Chocolate Heart Pancakes (my attempt at free form hearts!)... Wow... HUGE pic... sorry about that, I copied it from my FB page... not sure how to fix it!

Fruit salad with cantaloupe hearts

Lunch! In the box is Jake's and the plate was what I saved for Evan. I know it's the extra stuff... but he doesn't know and he was tickled pink :)

We also made some yummy cranberry orange muffins (no pics though) that we made in the heart shaped pan (after being thoroughly scrubbed of all chalk!). They were yummy and did have the heart shape, but if you ever try this I recommend hardly filling the "cups" at all. If too full they puffed up too much and lost that heart shape. It was fun to try though!

Last but NOT least... I received some beautiful flowers from Greg! We both know it's not important... but we also both know I really love receiving them :) Lots of love in our crazy little house!


Angie said...

Great ideas..and awesome flowers! Glad you enjoyed your day:)

Angie said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh, how sweet is this! Thanks T for brightening my day. Nothing against my Mom, your Grandma Slater, but I should would have enjoyed it if you could have been my Mom too! Ha! Something just doesn't sound right with my last sentence. :) Glad to hear all is well down south. Much Love, Aunt Jeri