Thursday, February 9, 2012

Indoor Tri training midway update

A few weeks ago I decided to shake things up a bit and sign up for an "Indoor Tri" at the gym.

It's now a little over 4 weeks away and I'm smacking myself for signing up! What was I thinking? "Train" 6 days a week!?!?

Anyway, I came up with a plan. The Indoor Tri consists of starting with a 10 min swim, 10 min break to change clothes, 30 bike ride in the spin studio, then a 5 minute break, then a 20 min treadmill run. I know, it's no Warrior Dash or a 5k... but it's definitely outside my comfort zone on many levels.

First issue is that I can NOT run... at all... unless perhaps someone is chasing me with a knife or one of my kids are about to wander into a street. I spent some time on pinterest looking for some "learning to run tips" (how lame is that!?!?). I did find a training plan labeled as "Beginners 20 min treadmill run"....

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I then mapped out my calender. I decided that while swimming is hard for others, it's not for me... so I'd do that once a week (it's the hardest to squeeze in time for too since I HAVE to do it at the gym, you get completely wet, etc...), continue to do my 2 spin classes that I normally do that are each an hour long, then the other 3 days were for running. Which morphed into...

Sunday - Spin Class
Monday- Run
Tuesday - Spin Class
Wed - Run
Thurs - Run
Friday - Off day or Swim (if I don't on Sat)
Saturday - Off day or Swim (if I don't on Fri)

The first week went OK. I HATE running. I really honestly don't get how people like it enough to run races and all that jazz. I felt HORRIBLE.

Then Jake bought a bug home from school... then eventually I got it. Boy did I get it... I'm still getting over it 2 weeks later. At one point I couldn't hear for about 5 days. The baby ended up on breathing treatments, we were a MESS. So I missed out on about a full week of any exercise... there went week 2.

Week 3... back on track. I went swimming for the first time. Jumped in and decided to swim for 10 minutes straight to see how far I could get cold turkey. I was able to complete 500 meters (20 lengths of the pool) in a little under 10 mins. So I felt more encouraged by that. However in spin on Sunday & Tuesday I've realize that being sick really messed with my endurance level :(  Then with running I decided to go off the original training plan I found. Instead I walked a 3.5 mph for 3 min/run at 5 mph for 3 minutes alternating for a little over 20 minutes. I felt that I did better that way... the other plan was killing me with anything above 5.5 mph... I couldn't even run for longer than a minute!

That's where I'm at so far... I don't really know where exactly that puts me... but that's where I am ;) IF you were wondering.

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Bethany said...

Do you listen to music? Sometimes I run a song, walk a song, run a song, walk a song. that's probably about 3 min walk, 3 run. If you get the right beat for the song I think it helps!! Good luck!
PS. The mirror is awesome!

Angie said...

That just sounds like so much fun! You will do great!

Anonymous said...

Hello T ~ Thanks for the update on how your training for the TRI is going. I like the fact that you are listening to your body and making a plan that works for you! Isn't that true with every endevour we take on in life? We have an idea, research a plan and then turn it into our own. This will make you successful in everything you do as it isn't important that you are the best ~ it's the fact that you took on a challenge and completed your goal. Listen to your body and excel in the swim and enjoy the TRI and feel proud when you complete. Much Love, Aunt J