Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Indoor Tri update... less than 2 weeks away!

Well, in less than 2 weeks the Indoor Tri will be over. Not sure if that scares me or offers a sense of relief that the end is near ;)
I've finally made a break through in my running. Of course, it took me awhile to come to my own realization that helped me... MUSIC!

Normally if I'm at the gym I've never bothered with music because I'm either in spin class, swimming or on the elliptical. Plus, it'd be one MORE thing for me to remember... hard enough to get out the door somedays with just the kids and my gym card!

Anyway, last friday... out came the tunes and I RAN TWO MILES! Oh my! I went from only being able to run for a minute and a half... to running 2 miles what I normally did a little over a mile in the same time. Not rocket science for most... but a major break through for me!

Then this weekend was my swim & spin times. WOW did my legs HURT. I ran last night even though I really did NOT want to. But I did it. It wasn't the same as on Friday... but I did my 2 miles in about the same time (about 25 minutes).

However on Friday I felt like this....

Last night I felt like this... Superbad....

I will have to be religious in stretching though, I see that now too (seriously, you can't tell me anything... I have to figure it out for myself). As my Tuesday night spin instructor always tells us... you need to stretch for 15 minutes on the days you work out... your body will thank you when you get older.
So I found some good stretches for post running... hope it helps a bit!

Pinned Image
As for swimming & spinning... it's going well. I did swim a 500m in 9:15... so 15 seconds faster that the last time. Hoping when it's for the tri I can pull off one more length and make it a 525m in the 10 minutes that we have.

Spin is good... but I'm feeling it a lot more in my legs with the running and swimming! Hoping it helps my aerobic endurance. I've been trying to swim, then go straight to spin class... so I can work on that "transition"... oh my... going from dripping wet to trying to put on gym clothes and socks & shoes... comical... totally humilating and defeating, yet comical. I forgot my hair stuff and a comb... went to spin with uncombed dripping wet hair... I was sure to tell the instructor after class what I was up to ;)

That's that for now. Honestly, not feeling very strong or accomplished from all this... just BEAT. But glad I've been doing it.


Kate said...

Go Tyson!!!!

Anonymous said...

YEAH! You GO Girl! Love, Aunt J