Thursday, February 2, 2012

A week of sickies and emotional ups & downs...

Last week when I made the scarf I thought it was just a solitary sick day... so here I am a week later... still SICK. Yuck, it got bad. The baby got it, he ended up on breathing treatments & antibiotics. I ended up unable to hear for about 5 days. We were a wreck!

Then this weekend marked six months since we've lost baby Grant at 8 weeks old. I don't think we've reached the point yet when time heals. I'm just now starting to recollect our days... from about June-now it's been a big blur (definitely June-Oct). Nobody else remembered, the day without one word from anyone :( But that's okay, I guess the topic of losing a child is hard enough, I can't expect anyone else to remember. We remember, we remember every second of every day. Love you baby boy!

So, just now able to come up for some air (and almost hold my head up!)

So of course it's delayed a few things... like training for my first TRI :(.... like getting my mirror project done :(

But on the bright side... I was able to chip away at the mirror/initial project a little and am ALMOST done! Hope to get it hung up this weekend and blog about it!

I also have been trying to run, even if a little. Holy moly... I can do multiple spin classes a week, I can swim laps, I can chase after three kids, I could probably WALK on a treadmill all day... but running... um yah, I peter out after a whole minute and a half. OH MY (hangs head in shame).

So that's us at the moment!

Oh and Luke is better, breathing treatments done (they said this could mean asthma OR could mean it not at all) and he is EIGHT months old today! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi T ~ I'm glad to hear that you and Luke are doing better! I hope that you are 100% soon. Running at a slow pace may improve your endurance and then speed can come later. I'm one of the people who doesn't remember important dates, so it isn't just about not remembering the anniversary of Grant's death, but just that I don't remember dates. It's possible that other people may have remembered but were afraid to bring up the topic as it is a sad one. Know that I love you and give those boys hugs for me! Love, Aunt J

Bethany said...

I think about Grant and you and the boys often. I love ya and think you are doing an awesome job and I absolutely love your honestly and openness. You are one tough cookie!

Tys said...

Not sure if I sure edit my post or just comment. I just wanted to clarify that I don't truly expect people to remember the date of his death, I'd rather they remembered the 2 months he was here. And mostly the people I was upset to not hear from are people that don't read the blog. I probably said too much in my post anyway. Thanks Aunt J & Bethany :)

Anonymous said...

Hi T, Never apologize for writing about your feelings and I'm glad you decided to comment rather than edit your post. Much Love, Aunt J

Liz said...


I am so sorry you guys have been sick. That is just no fun! Glad to hear Luke is off of breathing treatments though. I was also sick to read that you all are moving this year. :(
I ran yesterday and was a tired fatigued mess the rest of the day and got in bed at 8:30 last night. It kicked my booty BIG TIME. :-)