Monday, March 26, 2012

Caught my eye...

Been interesting around here lately. Greg came down with the flu. It was bad, he took his first sick day in EVER. He was sick all weekend, did manage to make it to work today even though I don't think he's fully recovered.

Yesterday my main goal was to take a nap when ALL the boys did. Climbing into bed I saw out our windows that Jake had put their tricycle out in the grass. It looked kind of neat with the contrast in colors and textures. So I grabbed the camera and went out to take a few shots! Neat!

Also caught this over in my wall baskets on the fence. Another great color combo! Pretty!

These plants survived our very mild winter. I just cut it back drastically and was happy to have them grow so we don't have to buy new plants this spring :)

Then I went and crashed for an hour. Got up and took the big boys with me to spin class (Greg was feeling ok enough to stay home with the baby), they played in childcare... then I took them to family swim time (fun!), got them showered there (it was quite the novelty for them, lol!), and we had dinner at the gym cafe. Made it home in time to hang for a bit then off to bed for them.

Myself? I'm still tired. But we're off to feed some ducks now.

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Anonymous said...

Hi T ~ You have such a good eye for taking really interesting pictures. Thanks for posting. Love, Aunt J