Monday, March 19, 2012

Fun Discipline Ideas

What? Fun discipline? Ok, maybe not really... but I found these two projects to lean more towards possible fun ;)

First: Countdown to a Reward (ghetto green/recycled version on a shoebox lid)

Jake has been begging to see/learn about Star Wars. Evan LOVES any of the Lego City stuff.

 Their behavior towards each other hasn't been very brotherly lately.

I'm not a fan of just buying stuff because they want it (however, Daddy caved and I had to think on the spot when they got home).

So for this... they had 25 times to show or "be caught" being nice to each other... such as... sharing, helping, talking nice to, apologizing (which is what the cut outs pasted on there are suppose to represent - a visual for them). Then we just used random stickers (we accumulate a lot of random stickers around here) to put on the numbers for the countdown! I used double sided tape to stick the movie to wait in the corner.

Jake added that tiny X by the movie ;)
It went pretty well. While it certainly did NOT necessarily change the "bad" behavior... after the fact I did see them being nicer to each other and "telling" on each other when they were nice. So perhaps, something was learned??

Up Next: Behavior Clips for the Car!

Many times we're in the car, they're fighting. I'm totally screwed, I can't reach them/move them/etc... so all I can do is ask (which turns into yelling) for them to please stop. Car rides have become a contained mobile torture zone for me. Something needed to be done.

Most schools use a stoplight metaphor for discipline. So I decided to use that, plus it makes for a nice visual... since I'm pretty sure they aren't actually listening to me anyway.

Such a simple project...

You need clothes pins and regular old markers. I'm sure you could get all fancy and cute with paint and or scrapbook paper.

I simply colored 2 greens, 2 yellows and 2 reds. Then wrote their names on each of them.

Evan's went on one visor in the car and Jake's went on another (Evan's are on my visor in easy reach - rather telling I must say). Rules are... if I ask you once to stop and you don't, you lose your green clip, if I ask you again and you don't stop you then lose your yellow. So when only the red one is left you'll have a timeout (or similar consequence) when we get home.

It's been two weeks since these have been in use. I haven't had to ask more than once and no one has lost even a green clip yet and my blood pressure is down in the car. Evan (the trouble maker) just stares at them while in the car and when he get home he proudly announces "I still have my green clip!".

Some days I feel like I scramble to even get through some days... others I think "wow,I'm not to shabby". I realize this is NOT rocket science... BUT... a peaceful car is awesome.

I turned my back for a moment after making these and explaining them to Jake. I turned back around to see he had made his own set... complete with his little friend "Annabelle"'s name on them. He did tell me "Mama, it's pretty hard to get her name on here". I gotta say... while I do wish he would of asked before just helping himself... it tugged at my heart strings and made me proud to see him "project-ing" like me :)


shelley c. said...

Oh my gosh, I love the clothespin idea... I just might try that!!

Anonymous said...

Hi T - glad to hear that the Green/Yellow/Red solution is working in the car. What a GREAT idea! Hope that you are feeling better and that your funk is lifting. Love, Aunt J

OneMommy said...

I've GOT to try the clothes pin trick when we drive on vacation this year!