Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! Cat-in-the-Hat Snacks!

Lucky me & Evan were able join Jake at school today! As tomorrow is Dr. Seuss' Birthday, they celebrated it today at school. We received an invite to come in and help :)
Theodor Seuss Geisel
Found a sitter for baby Luke (thanks Kim!) and off I went with the big boys this morning! Evan was THRILLED to be going to school too!

It was a great time! I don't know how the teachers do it... it's like herding cats! LOL! We got to be there when they arrived, had circle time, snack time, and stations (each with very neat themed ideas)!
Here are a couple of the activities she got ideas from if you're looking for something next year (click on pic for link back)!

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I was able to do a snack with them! The teacher suggested cat-in-the-hat hats made out of banana & strawberry slices.  Check out this Dr. Seuss food from Muffin Tin Mom

Dr Seuss March 022

Sounded good to me! I just wanted to not provide pointed weapons to a preschool class and I thought have the cat would be a good visual for them. One of my friend suggested a muffin... I can totally see that... use a mini muffin as the cats head (maybe stick a face on the side) and put the "hat" on the muffin. But I needed it to be a bit simpler and was trying to just have it be the fruit. Hmmmmmm.....

So I dug around in all my "stuff" aka known around here as all my "crap" (see Greg, there's a reason I save all this!) and found leftover lollipop sticks from when I made Jake's marshmallows on a stick treat for his birthday.

Then thought, I need a picture of the Cat without his hat! THAT was hard to find. After lots of googling I found one that his tipping it, so I could just cut it out. Copy & pasted into a document and printed it out. Then cut them all out.

Hot glued them to the lollipop stick and we're good to go! All this crazy Cat needs now is his hat!

Come snack time... we built it together as a class and then gobbled it up!

Jake with his

Evan mid-chew of his

The Cat with his topsy-turvy hat!

FYI: I recommend going off the pattern a bit and doing the banana on the bottom, because most strawberries will have that little hole in the middle and will therefor probably just slide right down. You still get a pattern but not exactly like his hat.
Spent the rest of the time in stations. I helped in the One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish station... painting, cutting, and gluing tissue paper on some fish! I felt like a one man band or a juggler. My brain is fried and I was sweating up a storm (all teachers can collectively roll their eyes at me now), lol!

I thought Evan would enjoy all of this, buuuutttt, not so much... he played in their toy section the entire time. He did come over and do some painting and of course did the snack but other than that he just played. Which is completely on spot with his age, just thought he MIGHT like some of the activities ;) So glad the teacher tried to include him in everything!

Evan cried big ole fat tears when we left! "But Jake's my brother, I want my brother, let's go back, I don't want to leave, please I need my brother". Oh boy. I had one tired 3 yr old on my hands!

Fun day for a very fun author with at least two of my favorite little people! Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!


Carole said...

Great post. This was my quote to honour Dr Seuss

Anonymous said...

Cool ~ I didn't realize than many quotes that I LOVE were Dr. Seuss originals! Thanks for sharing your day. Love, Aunt J

bethany said...

Stealing that idea for school! Love the hats!

Anonymous said...

How fun Tyson!!!! I love the treats and thanks to you posting this, I made Levi a Dr. Seuss banana and strawberry treat today too. :) Isn't it so fun to go in and help in the classroom and see all of their little personalities!? I used to be a teacher and I'm wiped out every Wednesday when I go and do lunch/recess and centers with Wyatt's 1st grade class! LOL
Thanks so much for sharing the ideas here and the pics... your boys are adorable!