Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I did it! I tried the Tri!

Sunday was the Indoor Tri... my first ever type of athletic event in about 17 years!!
My swim cap & number

I was a BALL of nerves weeks before. At one point I contemplated NOT going at all, just wasting my money and all the time I'd spent training. It was that fear of the unknown... I'd never done it before and hadn't known anyone else to have tried this particular one before.

Decided the end of January that I was going to do this. The Indoor Tri seemed just right for something for me to try! It's 10 min swimming, 30 min biking on a spin bike, then ends with a 20 min treadmill run.

I swam in highschool, so while I'm nowhere near as fit or fast as I used to be... those skills and effiency are still there. In the last year I started to go to spin class and become rather addicted. So all I had to do was run. Problem is... I've NEVER ran in my entire life.

So I came up with a couple plans and made some slow painful progress (was even really sick for over a week!). I blogged about my "progress" here and here. But come yesterday... I ran the entire 20 mins without stopping!

I'll find out Tuesday at the gym what my "score" ends up being and how I ranked for the event. I know the score doesn't really matter... but I am interested to know. I think I did pretty well for the swimming and biking portion and I think I did okay for the run.

I swam 24 lengths of the pool (600m) in 10 mins, biked 16.3 miles on the spin bike (so it's not the same as a real bike, I know) in 30 mins and then I ran 1.83 miles for the 20 min treadmill run.

The swimming portion was interesting. I got an email earlier in the week that'd we'd be sharing lanes... I was not happy about this. It's really hard to truly share a lane if you're not close to the same pace. It would be one person swimming on the left side and one person swimming on the right. Ok, was not happy about that, but I'll make it work. Get in our lanes and on my way back the gal sharing my lane is on my side in my way!?!?! She was just swimming normally (in the counterclockwise motion like people do when they're somewhat the same pace/speed). CRAP. So this majorly slowed me down quite a few times when I had to pass her or when we'd be at the wall turning at the same time. So I'm kinda peeved about that, but it went okay. When the whistle blew the man in the lane next to me with his wife shook my hand and said "Thanks for the good swim". Most people are just naturally so-so at swimming... so it's always nice to meet another swimmer and have them notice. That was the highlight of the event I think :)

I did it! Now no more 6 times a week of working out... that was just WAY too much for me. Things were starting to get crazy and the house and meals were starting to slip. Think I'll aim for 4-5 days a week now. Taking out a bit of cardio and add back in some weights & a core class. I'm going to try to keep up running every now and then. It's still not my favorite thing, but I'm glad I got better at it... so I don't want to lose that.

Thanks for the support! Maybe I'll do it again sometime?

RESULTS ARE IN: I came in Sixth out of 30 people! Swam the most laps, was in the top 7 for miles biked... but yah, as suspected the running portion hurt me. If I could of made it to at least 2 miles in those 20 mins I probably could of come in 2nd or 3rd. But overall, have to say I'm happy with the results! Made me feel a little like I'm not "just a mom". Being mom is okay a majority of the time, but sometimes it's nice to break away from that for a bit.

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Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS T! I almost sent you an email to ask how the TRI went so I was really happy to see your blog posting. I knew you could do it and I'm glad that you ended up doing so well. Much Love, Aunt J