Saturday, April 28, 2012

New Fitness Goals 2012

Over a year ago we joined the gym! You may remember me talking about it here.

Well a lot has gone on in the last year, so I wouldn't say there's a HUGE difference. But it's still helped create a life style change for sure.

Now that Luke is getting older, I think it'll start being a bit easier to exercise when/how I would really like.

Yesterday I had a fit test & personal training session at the gym... thought it'd be good to compare my stats from last year and hopefully see some improvement. I did, yay!

I've lost 3 lbs since last year... but honestly, weight isn't so much as issue as body fat & tone.

I have reduced my body fat by 5.5%... so it's now at 18% which put me in the "athletic" part of the body fat chart (lol... I don't really consider myself athletic at all!).

I'm stronger than I was this time last year, and added 4" to my sit & reach (almost out of the "poor" range - oh my!). Cardiovascular I'm tons better. I'm still in the "moderate" range but this time last year I was barely in the "fair" range... so MUCH BETTER :)

So my new plan...I want to continue to run... but I supremely suck at it. Even after training for the Indoor Tri I did. I really don't enjoy it and I always felt like I was doing something wrong. Come to find out... I have a pretty weak lower back & hip flexors... which is causing my quads & hammys to overwork which is what is making it hurt so incredibly bad to run. I learned some exercises & machines to use to help build those up AND stretches to help as well.

I'm also going to start being diligent about working on strength. My personal trainer teaches a barbell strength class on Thursday nights... so I'm going to redo my schedule (I'm probably going to have to cut out back on at least one spin class) and try it out. I'm a little nervous (to say the least)... but at least he's the instructor and he had me do the basics yesterday. It's definitely OUT of my comfort zone... but that's a good thing (I really need to remind myself of that).

Found this on pinterest... I'm going to try to always keep this in mind:

Pinned Image

Also with Jake graduating preschool soon, I can start going back to yoga then! I think I need it at least once a week to really stretch and help muscle movement range.

So that's what's new with me. Think I'm going to do a Mud Maxx run the beginning of June with some friends... that helps give me an extra push... as I'll be the "granny" of the group! ;)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Recent pics of the boys!

I've gotten supremely terrible about taking pictures of my boys. Getting all 3 of them together, happy (okay tolerable), AND smiling... AND then have my camera not take a blurry shot... is well... a miracle! So honestly, I just stopped trying!

Greg's sister was here a few weeks ago (her and I got to have a girls weekend in San Antonio! yay!) and between her, Greg and I we got a few shots...

Great smiles on Jake & Luke. Typical Evan... either happy or mad... no inbetween

A bit better but I think we're losing Jake & Luke

And now only Evan is looking at us
After that we were exhausted and took Megan to breakfast... crabcakes benedict... big yum!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Figured it's been about a year and a half... time for a new look!

In my last post I was saying how I just couldn't get picasa figured out to do my own blog header. Well, I didn't like admitting defeat... so I gave it one last shot... and I came up with the header you see above now.

I'm happy with it... it's all pics that have been on this blog!

Now time to start blogging again! See you soon!

Getting back on the blogging track!

Things have been a mess lately!

Life has been so busy. Feel like there's never downtime... downtime is when I blog.

Then I went and downloaded Picasa thinking it'd help me create a new blog header. My current one is well... OLD... and is grainy. When blogger last updated it turned my pic grainy. So I've needed a new one for awhile now! First I've either got to uninstall Picasa or un-default it. It completely takes over the computer when using it... and so far I have no found it user friendly for what I wanted it for... creating a new header!

Problem is... I just can't figure out what I want my header to be like. Granted I have NOT been good about blogging lately at all... but I want to get back on track. I do rather miss it. My blog is about me, parenting, the kids, our lives, projects, etc... hard to encompass that. Plus I want to create a header that is simpler and won't age as fast... especially since we'll be moving this summer and will have a different home and locale.

Quite a blow to the ego not being able to figure something out. Or maybe it's just that I don't have the proper time that needs to be spent to figure it out? Either way... I still need a blog header... so that's what I'll be working on ;)

Sorry I've been so MIA. I fear I just keep losing readers everytime I take such long breaks! Hoping to make a blogging come back!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Organization 2012

Alright... it's time!

We don't know WHEN we're moving, we just know it's happening sometime between now and the end of the summer. So since it's all out of my control and since we'll only know 3-4 weeks before Greg's expected for work at HQ in our nation's capital... there's not as much planning as I would like or feel comfortable with.

So I figure the only thing I can really do is get my ducks in a row around here.

Bring on the cabinets, closets, and nook & cranny purge! Not to mention dressers as well!

I've already done a few areas... the kids cabinet with cups, plates, etc...the boys linen closet in their bathroom... and under the sinks in the master bath.

That still leaves a LOT to do. In the last year any sense of organization has gone out the window! I have yet to really get back to it. Knowing we could move at anytime now makes me drag my feet on anything around here. Figure moving stuff we don't need or use will only help in the long run! So I'll probably be blogging a bit here and there about my doings.

I was going to have a yard sale... the neighborhood one is in a few weeks.

It's official, we're DONE as far as our family size. I sort of feel like a bad parent because I just don't think I could do all the newborn stuff again, let alone handle more schedules and coordinating. I've slowly been giving away baby stuff to friends and last week to a gal I know that directly works with families in social services. I was chatting with her and she was telling me some stories... they really hit me hard. I talked to Greg on the way home and I think we're just going to donate the rest of it all to her too. A yard sale is a lot of prep work & time... time is at a high commodity these days. Plus, people are vultures at these yard sales and with it being baby stuff it'll be nutso on steriods! While it would be nice to make some money back for all the money we originally spent... but we're feeling compelled to donate. Thinking I may try to sell my swing & bouncy seat together online locally though. It would certainly make things easier and hopefully help those out truly in need. Kind of makes the bittersweet milestone in our "family career" a little less bitter ;)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bread Bunnies

For Jake's Easter party I signed up for the non-sweet snack. Come to find out, that's pretty hard to find. Lots of sugary goodies for Easter. I found a few fabulous ideas, but they involved shredded carrots and I realized that a majority of kids might not eat like mine. Not to say that the boys don't have their picky moments... but I have to say, they'll pretty much eat anything or at least try it!
I ended up taking these little bread bunnies:

In doing my normal Pinterest search I originally found these bread bunnies by Twiggle Magazine (click to see original tutorial):

Pinned Image

Decided I would do it in a mini muffin version for the class party. So pretty much I just followed the instructions given, with the mini version you do not need the pretzels to hold the ears. Just nonstick spray the heck out of your pan and just lean the ears out of the cup. As you can tell, I just figured it out as I went along.

I kind of think they look more like Big-Eared Desert Foxes (which wikipedia tells me is technically a Fennec Fox), but still cute nonetheless, right?

Hippity Hoppity Easter's on it's way! Or should I say Flippity Foxy? This picture proves you really can find anything googling! :)

Okay... back to bunnies...

Did they go over well?? Still had some kids turned these down :( Really? It's just BREAD!?!? Oh well, I know for some if it's not sugary or out of a wrapper then they won't eat it. Some gobbled it right up like mine ;)

Have a Happy Easter, how ever you choose to celebrate!