Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bread Bunnies

For Jake's Easter party I signed up for the non-sweet snack. Come to find out, that's pretty hard to find. Lots of sugary goodies for Easter. I found a few fabulous ideas, but they involved shredded carrots and I realized that a majority of kids might not eat like mine. Not to say that the boys don't have their picky moments... but I have to say, they'll pretty much eat anything or at least try it!
I ended up taking these little bread bunnies:

In doing my normal Pinterest search I originally found these bread bunnies by Twiggle Magazine (click to see original tutorial):

Pinned Image

Decided I would do it in a mini muffin version for the class party. So pretty much I just followed the instructions given, with the mini version you do not need the pretzels to hold the ears. Just nonstick spray the heck out of your pan and just lean the ears out of the cup. As you can tell, I just figured it out as I went along.

I kind of think they look more like Big-Eared Desert Foxes (which wikipedia tells me is technically a Fennec Fox), but still cute nonetheless, right?

Hippity Hoppity Easter's on it's way! Or should I say Flippity Foxy? This picture proves you really can find anything googling! :)

Okay... back to bunnies...

Did they go over well?? Still had some kids turned these down :( Really? It's just BREAD!?!? Oh well, I know for some if it's not sugary or out of a wrapper then they won't eat it. Some gobbled it right up like mine ;)

Have a Happy Easter, how ever you choose to celebrate!


Rhiannon said...

These are so cute!!! It almost makes me wish my kids were younger. Almost. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post T! Cute idea. HAPPY EASTER! Love, Aunt J

Kate said...

Excellent! Cute little foxes, I mean bunnies.