Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Getting back on the blogging track!

Things have been a mess lately!

Life has been so busy. Feel like there's never downtime... downtime is when I blog.

Then I went and downloaded Picasa thinking it'd help me create a new blog header. My current one is well... OLD... and is grainy. When blogger last updated it turned my pic grainy. So I've needed a new one for awhile now! First I've either got to uninstall Picasa or un-default it. It completely takes over the computer when using it... and so far I have no found it user friendly for what I wanted it for... creating a new header!

Problem is... I just can't figure out what I want my header to be like. Granted I have NOT been good about blogging lately at all... but I want to get back on track. I do rather miss it. My blog is about me, parenting, the kids, our lives, projects, etc... hard to encompass that. Plus I want to create a header that is simpler and won't age as fast... especially since we'll be moving this summer and will have a different home and locale.

Quite a blow to the ego not being able to figure something out. Or maybe it's just that I don't have the proper time that needs to be spent to figure it out? Either way... I still need a blog header... so that's what I'll be working on ;)

Sorry I've been so MIA. I fear I just keep losing readers everytime I take such long breaks! Hoping to make a blogging come back!

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Anonymous said...

Hi T ~ I have missed you! Thanks for the update. Love, Aunt J