Thursday, May 24, 2012

Have some boxes!

In an effort to get ready for our move (that we don't know when/if it'll happen... but it's heavily rumored this summer) we decided to go through our attic. We knew we had some boxes in there that we didn't want to be moved to the next place - movers will literally pack everything even if you have something set aside that you tell them not to pack ;)

So last weekend Greg and I spent an entire morning taking EMPTY boxes out of the attic. Wow... I think we have a "save every box" complex! Heavy trash/recycle was this Wednesday... so out it all went to the garage. Look at this pile!


I can't believe this was all in there, I really had no clue we saved so many boxes!! LOL! Thank goodness their traveling days are over (some of these boxes came with us from Chicago!).


Rhiannon said...
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Rhiannon said...

I wish I was closer...I would totally take some of those boxes off of your hands!

Aunt J said...

Hi T ~ When your Aunt Jan helped me go through all my closets and hiding places a few years ago we found that I had the BBB complex. Bags, Boxes, and Baskets! This means that it's in your genes and you can't help yourself! Ha! Love, Aunt J