Sunday, June 24, 2012

Eastward we go... we have a house!

In the middle of all this 4 week cross country move, over 2 weeks have passed!

I would love to go into the ridiculousness of all the paperwork, hoopla & what have you that goes into relocation. But that would take too long ;)

Last weekend Greg and I were off to Washington, DC! If it wasn't so full of stress, it would of been awesome... our first sans kids vacation! I want another :)

Friday, we looked at 11 homes once we got there. Talk about a bad episode of "What you Get For the Money". I have been researching the real estate market since we knew over 6 months ago that DC would be our next stop. I still had immense sticker shock and overwhelmed by the lack of space and upkeep. WOW. I think I heard some synaspes fry in my brain sometime that night.

Next day... we saw another 12!

Along the way we found one! Yay! We were so relieved. We just had one last house to look at for good measure... ends up that's the one we ended up with! The very LAST home we looked at, go figure, right?

It was the most move-in ready home. We'd love to someday redo a home just to how we'd like it... but knowing we're going to move again in 2-3 years... that's just not going to happen.

Without further ado I introduce to you the H Family East Home...

It's architecture is a cross between a Mansard & Cape Cod styles.

It has a nice flat yet wooded lot in the back. Very excited about that, the boys are going to love it. As will their mama!

That's all I've got uploaded for now (computer moving as slow as me tonight). Interior in next post... I promised myself I'd go to bed early tonight... off I go!


Aunt J said...

Thanks for the post T! I enjoyed the additional pictures of your new home and can't wait to see how you turn it into your own space for your 2-3 year stay in the DC area.

CAS said...

Congratulations on finding a house to make into your home (even for a couple of years)!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Tyson! Lily