Monday, June 11, 2012

Mud Maxx 2012

Saturday was the Mud Maxx I was talking about last month! A 5k in the mud!

I'll start off saying that I really enjoyed "running" that way... I didn't get bored or ever feel like I couldn't keep up. It was a good way to measure what I've just been doing in the gym since training for the Indoor Tri and after. Also, remember... I have NEVER ran before in my life... so these last 4 months are a completely new thing for me! This post always makes me smile. So keep in mind all my personal observations are just that... I don't consider myself a runner and I'm certainly not in tip-top shape.

I can't say I really trained for this... I just worked up to be able to run 3 miles on the days I ran. This actually just a "fun/social run", no times are kept, there are no formalities, just go out and see what you can do and have some fun. Perfect. It was nice to have friends nearby to chat with from time to time, but I found myself get in a zone and just stuck with it.

The mud pits, hills, trails, tall grass, and lakes were just nice little distractions (and a nice quick cool off!) with the exception of the two gigantic wolf spiders that were floating in front of me & another gal when we waded the lake at one point. Little spiders, okay... wolf spiders... eek....haha!

It was really crowded, over 1,000 people... which completely broke their record! So it was a slow go at the beginning (wading through muddy water and up & down some muddy hills) and at places where the trail narrowed to only one or two people being able to get by at a time.

A few of us decided to wear the same costume as the "Orbit Gum Girl"

Morning of...

The big boys were very excited for me... they thought since I had on all white I was going to get married! Ha! We got a babysitter for the baby (since it was during his morning nap time) and Greg brought the big boys later to see me at the start/finish line. I really LOVED seeing them at the finish! They loved seeing adults in costume and all muddy!

I've got to say, for Texas, it was a pretty decent morning! Let's go!

The Orbit Gum girls together BEFORE

The Orbit Gum girls together AFTER

The white outfits were great for the mud affect... at the end I slid down the hill into the water and lots a lot of my mud splatter. But it was certainly there, I should of done a back shot, ha ha!

Down the last hill!

Mud started drying immediately

3 out of 4 of my loves, there really WERE trophies for me at the end!

Some more Orbit Gum mud runners

Just random shot I took with my phone

Done! Up on the board with my Tri ID too :)

I'm so glad I was asked to do this run! Thanks for all the cheering on along the way. It was great to try something new and see for how it compares to my treadmill runs. With our upcoming cross country move this will probably be my last opportunity to do any type of event for awhile. Next time Greg wants to do something with me, yay! We'll have to find some stuff in DC next year.

Now a few little quotes that I feel I can relate to either trying something new, personal growth, along with a little mud/race reference for fun!

The best way out is always through.
Robert Frost

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.
Helen Keller

He who slings mud generally loses ground
Adlai E. Stevenson

The U.S. Constitution doesn't guarantee happiness, only the pursuit of it. You have to catch up with it yourself
Benjamin Franklin


Fallon said...

SO proud of you Tyson! I had a blast and am going to miss you as a running partner, among other things. Keep your chin up, momma.

Aunt Jeri said...

Looks like such a FUN day! I'm so proud of you for doing this race and I like the Orbit look!