Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ikea Ritva Curtains... Second Life in the Dining Room

When you move, it's rare that you actually move each room of your old home into the same exact room in your new home. Things get flip-flopped, switched, revamped, reused, painted or craigslisted (have lots of that going on too).

I first talked about these curtains back when we

Welcome to our Dining Room in our Virginia house...

How it looked on the market when we put a contract on it
This Dining Room is our main eating room. We don't all fit in our "eat-in kitchen area". Don't even own a table & chairs set that fit in there. Figure eventually we'll get a little small one (bistro like) that the big boys can sit at for breakfast/lunchtimes. Anyway... the big window is wonderful... but being in a fishbowl at night is NOT so wonderful. I started thinking and figured our old master bedroom curtains would work great!

Needed a new curtain rod, since we left the old one behind as to not have to patch and paint ;)

Went to Bed Bath & Beyond with all 3 boys one morning and got one that was long enough. I also forgot my 20% off coupon (kicked self in butt) and back home we went!

During the two youngers ones naps today, Greg got to work...

So did Jake...

Then so did I (they needed hemmed shorter).

I should of went back and read my own blog post about when I hemmed them before. I do believe I might of cut too much off! Oops! Nobody get these curtains dirty, I mean it ;)

A funny thing... I was telling Greg I'll get around the the actually "hemming" (iron on hemming, woo-hoo!) Greg swears that we hung the curtains and I hemmed them all in the same night. Um, nope! The blog can prove it took me 2 months, so there! ha! They're up but will still need a night with me & the ole ironing board... once I find the hemming tape!

I think they really helped pull the room together!

Plus, we're no longer a fishbowl at night!

This room is almost DONE, which is something I cannot say about any other room in the house.

I did decide to hang them with the tabs this time rather than the rings. I wanted as much curtain length as possible to really help visually make the room look taller. But, in moving the curtains closed just for the picture, I found them not very easy to slide. That won't work since at bare minimum I'll be doing it at least twice a day everyday. Soooo... I might still end up putting the rings on... Greg will be so excited ;) Oooooh Hooooonneeeeyyyyy......

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Aunt J said...

Hi T ~ The dining room curtains look great! Good Job! Little by little you will get it all situated. Love, Aunt J