Tuesday, August 14, 2012

H Family Sightseeing - Part 2

One day I was driving back from Target (yay I finally found one!) and passed a sign for the "Fairfax County 4-H Festival" for the upcoming weekend located at the Frying Pan Farm Park. It's a little away from us, but not too far from a Lowes... and we needed to go to Lowes.

Of we head that weekend morning, Lowes first, then to the 4H fair!

It was quite small (from the perspective of having Indiana Fairs in mind)... but they had animals, they had food, and they had rides! So we'll call it a fair!

The boys were very cute with the animals. Luke LOVED the horses! The big boys really liked getting to hold baby chicks and seeing the inside of a beehive!

After wandering around looking at animals, we had some food! There's something about expensive price fair food ;) The rides then opened up... Greg took the big boys on their FIRST Ferris Wheel ride. He said when they got to the top they all (including him) wanted to get down, but then enjoyed it! Luke and I had fun on the ground waving at them as they came around.

There they are on the way up to the top!

Amazing how many tickets it takes to ride rides... so they went on a kiddie one together, and then went on one separately... Evan picked the Whales... Jake went on a Dragon. A little girl was already seated up front but asked Jake if he wanted to sit with her for the best seat! Very cute!

It was a very HOT morning. Thought spending our last 4 summers in Texas we'd be used to the heat & humidity... but we were all done! Good morning though! Looks like there's stuff going on at this Farm year round and there's always a carousel and wagon rides, so we'll definitely be back I'm sure!


This weekend we went to Great Falls National Park to see the great falls of the Potomac River!

We used the baby backpack thing for Luke and let the big boys run/walk off all their energy!

Pretty sure Luke had no clue what we were doing to him!

He got used to it real quick!

He loved it and was just as in awe of the falls as the rest of us

The falls were IMPRESSIVE. Especially since it's only like 20 mins from us and literally the exit off the loop before this park is Tyson's Corner huge mall! There's 3 overlooks within an easy walk from the visitors center/parking (FYI entry fee into park is $5 per vehicle).

We even got a treat of being able to watch a kayaker go down one side of the falls. Then he'd go to one of the big rocks, climb up it, and do it all over again! Impressive as well.

Part of this park is the canal system built by George Washington, neat to think that he walked where we did over 200 years ago!
Our attempt to get a pic of all of us with an iphone ;)

The big boys and I climbing rocks

There's much more to see at this park trail & historic sites wise. But as always, food & naptime beckons ;)

Wonder what's next on our sightseeing list? I have my eye on Manassas Battlefield Park for this weekend!

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Aunt J said...

So much FUN! Loved the pictures of everyone!