Saturday, September 22, 2012

DIY Space Painting

The other day I showed you the beginnings of Jake's Star Wars Room. We obviously still need to add various elements. I have yet to ever get a room completely done within an allotted amount of time... pretty sure we moved from Texas without a room complete ;)

As always there's a budget to keep in mind for various reasons, and every now and then I get the itch to paint something. However, I'm not terribly artistic. I was at one point and I just never kept up with.

I really enjoyed when I painted the canvases in to match Jake's room in Texas.

So after some perusing on Pinterest I got inspired to try my hand at painting a space painting. This involves pretty much splattering paint. This does end up being a little more complex than just that. After some tweaking, I'm pretty darn happy with the finished product!

Here's what I did (remember I'm NOT a professional and typically I have no clue what I'm doing :))

I found a 2-Pack of 18"x24" canvases for $9.99 at a craft store. I picked up the cheapie foam brush to apply the black acrylic paint. Did a few coats, I tried to apply different directions so that when dry I didn't get any straight lines in the paint.


Set onto a wipes box to get the edges (don't leave on too long though, it will leave an indentation).

Once the black was dry I laid out cardboard in the yard. Grabbed an old toothbrush, poured some white acrylic paint onto the bristles, then use thumb & thumbnail to run across the bristles - flicking droplets onto the black canvas. Some will be almost a fine mist. It just depends on how close you are, how fast you flick, and the angle (standing over it vs. leaning down to one side). Every now and then you will get a horrible glob (and you may cuss)... it's okay... don't worry. Just blot it up (we'll cover it later). I totally thought I had pictures of this process. In looking back I remember how paint covered my hands both were so no pics. Sorry about that! I hope I was descriptive enough... if not please ask!

So pretty much for 15 minutes I just sort of messed around with that. Then let it dry.

Took it back inside. Dabbed black paint over all the wiped up white paint blots. This makes it too black in those areas so I took a toothpick. Dipped into the white paint and made dots in these areas. Also randomly dotted other areas as well... sometimes going in a line or tighter cluster. Making it more like space! The black touch ups dried and you can't even tell a difference. It really helps for the depth and variety so it doesn't just look like you painted a bunch of white dots on black.

I showed it to Jake and his response... "Where are the ships?"... sigh...

I think I'm doing to put it on the wall between the two windows. Not 100% sure on that yet. Need to place my Etsy order for some more Star Wars decor. Then I'll know more where I exactly want it.
Really simple project! Great way to fill up a wall and not spend a lot. Totally I spent close to $20 (half of it on canvases, and I still have one left!) because I didn't already have black acrylic paint, and I incorrectly thought I'd need a huge one. Nope, a small one would of worked just fine. I also spend a few extra bucks on more foam brushes because I haven't made sense of the boxes the packers packed of all my craft stuff.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Beginnings of a Star Wars Room

When we looked at this house, the room that was to become Jake's room was the only room in the house that didn't have a updated color. It was a very bright light blue. Only a smidge away from being a color we could live with (it was just a tad neon in a way).

Well, Jake wasn't real thrilled about making the cross country move considering he's 5. So when he asked if he could please have his room painted green, we agreed! Helped that we were probably going to paint it anyway. He was very happy to hear that and it gave him something to look forward to.

Then we decided to add in a little bit of a Star Wars theme (nothing too over the top). Green is not your usual color for Star Wars (most are gray, blue, black). But it can definitely still be pulled off. The bedding & furniture are from our previous guest bedroom (which was all previously in our master bedroom). So like in Evan's room... it's still sticking around. The furniture doesn't really reflect in any way to Star Wars, but we're going with it!

Kind of going with a natural materials meets stainless steel/modern theme. IKEA makes that easy! Now I just need to decide what to buy on Etsy for some original wall decor or art pieces to finish the room off. Check out what we have so far to work with...

Shelf is a kitchen shelf from IKEA as the magnetic board

Place for his travel knick-knacks

Lego Darth Vader clock with an IKEA lamp

Definitely need some impact heavy decor/wall art for over his dresser

Another view of the desk area next to his closet

The wall between two windows for the space painting I did
Up close of the Space painting... I'll blog soon about how I made it! I really am happy with it!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Big Boy Lego Room!

Finally have the Evster's Lego Room done! Took a bit to pull it all together.

(Although, I did realize yesterday that we've only lived here 2 months now, so I don't feel too behind!)

I wanted to recycle the bedding & decor I did for their shared room in Texas. It was still in good shape, I was NOT going to waste it! Plus it was time to move Evan out of his toddler bed (I noticed after we moved that he had to sleep diagonal to fit in it!) and pass on Jake's twin. Jake then got the queen that used to be in the guest room. Figure if/when we have visitors then Jake can just have a sleep over in Evan's room.

The colors for what we already have are not traditional lego colors. Still, I came up with a lego/transportation type room!

Etsy was the best for finding stuff to complete this room and use the non traditional lego colors!

So, same furniture as before. Greg really wants to get new for the boys, but quite honestly I just don't see the point. They're kids, LITTLE kids... they really don't care & it's not falling apart. So it's going to be around a while even if the style is outdated.

The decor on the far wall is what I hand painted a few years ago. Not ready to part with it yet ;) So I added in some lego vinyls here and there around the room. I got them from THIS etsy seller. That cute little yellow lego head pillow came from THIS etsy seller.

The printers drawer is something I've had for years. Perfect for minifigs! He has WAY more... but they're being played with. Made sure to mount it low enough that he still has access for it. That way it serves as decor AND storage/organization!

In between his door and closet there's a shelf and a storage cube. Storage cube is EXPEDIT from IKEA and the blue bins that I thought sort of had a lego look to them are the LEKMAN.

His little shelf of trinkets from our travels...
I put a command hook on the side of the storage cube for his Lego Calendar
The other side of the room with a fantastic vinyl! Totally customized in that you get to pic the colors and name from THIS etsy seller.
Cool, huh? Was a little leery of putting it up and keeping it all straight. But I managed! I did add in the other legos vinyls that I also used to tie it all together. Thinking I may remove the blue block next to the E, doesn't look as good as the others mixed in.
The lego lamp... it was the crowing glory of the room! He was so thrilled! You could pick what colors you wanted it's handmade by THIS etsy seller.

Evan actually had the idea to put some lego vinyls on his chair!


I will say, in typical 3 year old fashion... after completing his room and asking him how he liked it... he answers, "My name is not Evan, and I don't like Legos". Killing me kid, just killing me!! ;)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mt. Vernon - H Family Sight Seeing Part 4

We had a very busy holiday weekend. It involved many errands, meeting/interviewing a babysitter, finishing up the new front landscaping, the gym (I finally tried the spin class here, I really miss my TX one!), painting Jake's room, major grocery shopping, finishing up Evan's room, a flooded basement (yah, I don't want to talk about that right now), a little sight seeing and a trip to IKEA. At the end of it all we pretty much felt like we got hit by a truck. Safe to say this weekend will be very low key!

In working on Jake's room we decided we needed an IKEA trip. It's a bit southwest of us, about a half hour. Sort of on the way is Mt. Vernon, George Washington's Estate. Thought we'd check it out. Ended up being the hottest non-sunny dreary day I think I've ever experienced! I thought I could handle humidity after living in Houston for over 3 years... this was unreal!

We really really liked it! Can't believe it was the home of our first president (even the boys at 3 & 5 found it pretty cool). We went on the mansion tour (but no pictures allowed - you also aren't suppose to lean on anything!). He picked out a fantastic place for his plantation. The view from his back porch of the Potomac River is the kind of view you have to sit down for a bit to take it all in! As always, my pictures just do not do it justice.

Before we left we upgraded our tickets to annual passes... for less than the cost of another visit... we can go unlimited for a year. There's still lots we didn't see. The farm, the wharf, more buildings, the old tomb, etc... plus they have some festivals throughout the year. Can't wait!

The boys! They were excited!

Some of the grounds/gardens

The Mansion, looks how George Washington left it when he died in 1799

Plantation Buildings

Great Potomac Views from the back

Mt. Vernon Mansion

The Tomb of the Washingtons' (Martha is on the left out of the pic)
The grounds around Washington's Tomb

Then AFTER all that (got our souvenir pennies too!) we decided to tempt fate and still go to IKEA. What a mad house. I don't think we'll EVER go back... at least not until we move again in a couple years ;)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Jake goes to Kindergarten!

This morning I sent my first buddy on a bus and off he went to Kindergarten!

I've heard of so many mama tears... I'm starting to feel like I've done something wrong by not breaking down into tears. I certainly had butterflies in my stomach, but couldn't stop smiling for my guy! I'm so proud of him. Maybe it's because I've been lucky to have spent the last 6 (almost!) years with him. Maybe it's because of his birthday, and he's going into Kindergarten a little older than some. It all feels right!

I do know that the whole family was very excited for him today! He was super excited as well.

Starting off the day with triple berry pancakes and turkey bacon


Mama and her boys

My handsome gentlemen!

How's that for some excitement?? :)

Evan and his "lego hands" with big bro

Greg took went into work late this morning so he could see him off.

Getting on the bus...

More excitement! Yay!

There he goes!

I must admit to a momentary freak out in my head. When doing stuff like this I always make sure ALL the info matches up. The route number was the same on the bus, but the bus number was different. So of course, I'm the only mom sticking my head into the bus double checking with the driver (who is looking at me like I'm nuts). But all was well and off he went... so then this means I gave the teacher the WRONG info. I didn't know to write down the route #, I wrote down the bus # which is now no longer relevant!

Luckily, I was headed to school anyway to drop off his bag of supplies.

I get there and he's already sitting at his spot, all smiles! Said "Hey Mama Why are you here?". Ha. So I updated his bus info, dropped off his supplies, and gave my buddy a squeeze! I don't think they wanted parents in the room... oops! I realized that after the fact, my bad!

He has his hand on his chin

Came back home to my two littles, so Greg could head to work. Time to once again find a new normal for us! What is THAT anyway?

I was good until about 2pm... was wondering how he'd know what stop is his? Would the driver know? What if he feel asleep? The bus drop off is right before 4pm, so of course we were in the area by 3:45pm, lol. Went to where the pick up was, but then noticed everyone on the other side of the street. Apparently, for drop off it's on the other side. How is anyone that's new to not only the area but to school in general suppose to know all these little things?? The bus was about 10 mins late, so it gave me a chance to chat with some of the other moms. Even got a number, ha ha!

Evan "walking" his scooter at bus stop... goofball!

He's still super excited, all smiles & gives it a thumbs up! I can't ask for much more than that :)

And here's a poem a friend once shared... I think it's very fitting...

I wonder what you're doing right now,
And if everyone is treating you kind.
I hope there's a special person,
A nice friend that you can find.

I wonder if the teacher knows,
Just how special you are to me.
If the brightness of your heart,
Is something she can see.

I wonder if you're thinking about me,
And if you need a hug.
I already miss the sound of your voice,
And how you give me leg a tug.

I wonder if you could possibly understand,
How hard it is for me to let you grow.
On this day know that my heart breaks,
For this is the first step in letting my baby go.