Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Beginnings of a Star Wars Room

When we looked at this house, the room that was to become Jake's room was the only room in the house that didn't have a updated color. It was a very bright light blue. Only a smidge away from being a color we could live with (it was just a tad neon in a way).

Well, Jake wasn't real thrilled about making the cross country move considering he's 5. So when he asked if he could please have his room painted green, we agreed! Helped that we were probably going to paint it anyway. He was very happy to hear that and it gave him something to look forward to.

Then we decided to add in a little bit of a Star Wars theme (nothing too over the top). Green is not your usual color for Star Wars (most are gray, blue, black). But it can definitely still be pulled off. The bedding & furniture are from our previous guest bedroom (which was all previously in our master bedroom). So like in Evan's room... it's still sticking around. The furniture doesn't really reflect in any way to Star Wars, but we're going with it!

Kind of going with a natural materials meets stainless steel/modern theme. IKEA makes that easy! Now I just need to decide what to buy on Etsy for some original wall decor or art pieces to finish the room off. Check out what we have so far to work with...

Shelf is a kitchen shelf from IKEA as the magnetic board

Place for his travel knick-knacks

Lego Darth Vader clock with an IKEA lamp

Definitely need some impact heavy decor/wall art for over his dresser

Another view of the desk area next to his closet

The wall between two windows for the space painting I did
Up close of the Space painting... I'll blog soon about how I made it! I really am happy with it!


philip said...

I'm missing something, how is this Star Wars? Because of a clock and a gray shelf?

Um. No. Try again. Get the kid a new blanket or something in slate gray solid at least with a vader accent pillow,
otherwise stop calling something star wars when it's not star wars even a little.

Anonymous said...

Simmer down man! It says the beginnings of a star wars room! Looking good Tyson, I love how your painting turned out.


Ashley said...

Philip....I think maybe you should keep your comments to yourself, it is for a child and she obviously put the start and continued to put some more ideas in there. Was there really the need to criticize this when it doesn't pertain to you?! Didn't think so... work on your manners a little more and being a jerk a little less. Thanks! Tyson I think it is starting to look good, we are still working on Aubrey's room since we all know it takes time to accomplish some things. Keep it up can't wait to see the rest!

Tys said...

Well Hello Philip, I don't think I know you... or maybe I do and you're hiding behind a name?? Which is even more rotten than just being a random jerk.

Thanks for your suggestions... however, how about YOU TRY AGAIN. Start with reading. Yes, it's the BEGINNINGS of a Star War's Room. Beginning typically signifies that it's the start of something and not yet complete.

Typically I don't like to buy mass produced stuff like Pottery Barn or be so cliche as to buy something just because it says Star Wars on it. There's something to be said for having a theme with out the actual words being plastered everywhere. Who wants to see the same Star Wars stuff in every room, let's be a little different.

With 3 kids and cross country moves we're all about reusing what we have. Etsy is a great place with artists creating some fabulous stuff, I just have to narrow down what I'd like to actually put on his walls. Star Wars could be something he likes for the next 10 years or maybe he'll be done with it when we move in 2 years. So no need to get to crazy with it.

My blog is my little place in the web to share my life and goings on with my friends and family.

I'd appreciate not seeing you in these parts again!

Rhiannon Stanfield said...

Tyson, I think it looks great. Jake is going to love it when its finished. :) Phillip, go "blog bomb" someone else.

Rhiannon Stanfield said...

Tyson, I think it looks great. Jake is going to love it when its finished. :) Phillip, go "blog bomb" someone else.

Kristin said...

"Phillip" - you are a gigantic loser. Tyson is the most talented designer I know in addition to being a great friend and Mom. I can't believe with 3 small children that she even has time to blog. She accomplishes more by lunch than most of us do in a week. You should probably go stalk someone else's 5 year old's bedroom. You clearly have nothing better to do with your time.

Maggie said...

Well said Tyson! Mr. Phillip may I suggest you take a long journey to a galaxy far away!

Aunt J said...

Thanks for the update on the beginning of J's room! I love that you keep us in the loop and I do love that you are creative and resourceful. Love ya!

April said...

Tyson- I LOVE watching a decorating project as it progresses and I think you are off to a fantastic start! I adore the stars painting that you have completed for the room. Fantastic!

"Philip" You are a fuck-tard. And we don't like you. And...I am sorry, but a "Vader accent pillow"? I have a lot of homosexual friends but even they would read that and immediately say "Gay!" Piss off, asshat!

Melanie :) said...

Just agreeing with EVERYTHING Ape said. Love the painting, awesome start to a room I know is going to be ADORED...and Philip is an ass hat.

Melanie said...

Said in my very best chant voice: Go April, go April, go, go, go April!

Really, Phillie? Go look up the term "beginning". You obviously didn't do well with grammar and vocab.

You've got a great start, Tyson! I can't wait to see everything else you come up with!